Wuxi LerTech Technologyがシリアル出力インターフェースの磁気イメージセンサーをリリース

Wuxi Ler Technology Co.,LTD

2015/9/25 11:15

Wuxi LerTech Technologyがシリアル出力インターフェースの磁気イメージセンサーをリリース

AsiaNet 61893 (1219)

【無錫(中国)2015年9月23日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】Wuxi LerTech Technology Co. Ltd.はこのほど、新型磁気イメージセンサー(モデル:LTM-XM-336B-0.5-AS)のリリースを発表した。これは2014年8月にリリースした第1世代磁気イメージセンサーの改良版で、シリアル出力インターフェースによって、処理済みのアナログ出力シグナルはユーザーのA/D変換チップモジュールに直接伝送される。


LerTechの磁気イメージセンサーは、違いの大きい特性を示す最高SNRの磁気チップを高出力と結合させ、多くの紙幣の磁気コード化情報の強弱さまざまを確実に検知する。そのマルチチャンネル・ラインアップとして、代表的なチャンネル解像度50 DPI(高解像度のものもある)、ライン解像度200 DPI(50 DPIから600 DPIの間に特別設計できる)がある。実効的な走査幅は180ミリ、物理的サイズは幅193ミリ、長さ16ミリ、高さ40ミリまで可能で、多くの紙幣の全体の走査に適している。



詳しい情報は公式ウェブサイトwww.lertech.com を参照。

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Wuxi LerTech Technology's New Magnetic Image Scanning Sensor With Serial Output Interface


WUXI, China, Sept. 23, 2015 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Recently, Wuxi LerTech Technology Co., Ltd. announced the introduction of a new

type magnetic image scanning sensor (model: LTM-XM-336B-0.5-AS), which is an

upgraded version of its first-generation magnetic image scanning sensor

introduced in August 2014. With the serial output interface, the processed

analog output signal can be directly provided to user's A/D chip modules.

In order to better identify counterfeit currency and other negotiable

documents, the use of advanced magnetic coding is a recent innovation

necessitated by the increasingly sophisticated methodologies available to

compromise optically based scanning systems. Therefore, the signature of

additional magnetic information encoded in currencies of many countries can be

used to distinguish valid currency from counterfeit copies. This use of

magnetic encoding was coupled with the development of high-density and high

sensitivity magnetic pattern recognition sensors.

LerTech's magnetic image scanning sensor, combines the highest SNR magnetic

chips, featuring wide gap characteristics, and high output, ensuring the

reliable detection of varieties of strong and weak magnetic encoded information

in many currencies. The multi-channel lineup includes a typical channel

resolution of 50 DPI (higher resolution also available) and line resolution of

200 DPI (can be specially designed between 50 DPI and 600 DPI range). The

effective scanning width can be up to 180 mm with the physical size of 193 mm *

16 mm * 40 mm (width * length * height), suitable for the whole image scanning

for many currencies.

Dr. Jianmin Bai, who is in charge of LerTech's research and product development

division, pointed out that "Different from the traditional gradient magnetic

field detection methodology limited at low resolution, LerTech applies the

total new design featuring absolute magnetic field detection in our magnetic

imaging sensor products allowing real magnetic image to be detected. The

ability to develop high resolution magnetic imaging sensors with this unique

design promises to accelerate the use of magnetically encoded information in a

variety of currencies and other negotiable documents."

Lertech is a world leader in magnetic sensor manufacturing and designing,

Lertech innovation is focus on magnetic image scanning, magnetic signal

detection, and biochip technology.

For more information, visit our website at www.lertech.com.

Photo - http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20150922/0861508895

SOURCE: Wuxi Ler Technology Co.,LTD