LegrandがIoT普及のためNest Inc.と協力 Nestの通信用プロトコル利用へ


2015/10/16 12:08

LegrandがIoT普及のためNest Inc.と協力 Nestの通信用プロトコル利用へ

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【リモージュ(フランス)2015年10月16日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】インターネット・オブ・シングス(IoT)がコネクテッドビルディングの新時代を開くと確信し、Eliotプログラム(説明参照)を今年7月に発表したLegrand(ルグラン)は16日、Nest Inc.と協力し、コネクテッド製品の開発にNest Weaveプロトコルを使用すると発表した。


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このため、LegrandはNest Weaveを使用した家庭用製品を開発する。


LegrandはALLJoyn技術に基づいたインターネット・オブ・シングス製品、システム、サービスの世界的採用を呼びかける最も重要な国際的コンソーシアムのひとつであるAllSeen Allianceの会員でもある。またインターネット・オブ・シングスのためのオープンな国際的無線標準ZigBee(R)のためのZegBee(R)Allianceに当初から加わっている。



Legrandの詳細はhttp://www.legrand.com を参照。


Internet of Things: Legrand Announces it is Working With Nest Inc. and will be Using the Nest Weave Communication Protocol in its Connected Products


LIMOGES, France, Oct. 16, 2015 / PRNewswire=KYODO JBN / --

Convinced that the Internet of Things is opening up a new era for connected

buildings and having launched the Eliot* program in July, Legrand is today

announcing it is working with Nest Inc. and will be using the Nest Weave

protocol in the development of its connected products.

As announced on 8 July 2015 during a press conference to unveil Eliot*, its

Internet of Things program, Legrand continues to promote interoperability

between connected products in buildings.

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Legrand will therefore develop products for the home that use Nest Weave.

Convinced that interoperability is an essential condition for further roll-out

of the Internet of Things in buildings , Legrand intends to promote "open

languages", capable of integrating and communicating with as many third-party

systems as possible, thereby offering the user numerous benefits and additional

options for use while allowing them the freedom to choose to purchase equipment

at their own pace, gradually, as the need arises.

Legrand is also a member of the AllSeen Alliance, one of the most important

international consortia campaigning for global adoption of Internet of Things

products, systems and services based on AllJoyn technology, and historically of

the ZigBee(R) Alliance - ZigBee(R) being the open global international wireless

standard for the Internet of Things.

*About the Eliot program by Legrand  

Eliot is the name of the program launched in 2015 by Legrand to speed its

deployment of Internet of Things in the group Offerings. Born out of the

Group's innovation strategy, its aim is to develop connectable solutions in 40

product families, to bring lasting benefits to both private and professional


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