TCL Corporation、2015年1-9月期決算の純利益は26億1000万元

TCL Corporation

2015/10/28 14:42

TCL Corporation、2015年1-9月期決算の純利益は26億1000万元

AsiaNet 62335(1406)

【深セン(中国)2015年10月27日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】TCL Corporationが2015年1-9月期の決算を発表した。報告期間の売上高は前年同期比7.08%増の741億1000万元(約116億ドル)だった。純利益は26億1000万元(約4億1100万ドル)で、これには同社上場会社の株主に帰属する20億6500万元(約3億2500万ドル)の純利益が含まれる。

2015年1-9月期の純利益には、China Star Optoelectronics Technology(CSOT:華星光電)が主に貢献した。CSOTは報告期間中に17億9100万元(約2億8200万ドル)の純利益を上げた。TCLの通信事業と金融サービス事業の純利益はそれぞれ6億1400万元(約9670万ドル)と5億5600万元(約8760万ドル)だった。

LCDパネル業界全体の落ち込みに反して、CSOTは競争力を保つ手段として効率から製品へ焦点を移す戦略を実施した結果、着実な成長を維持した。CSOTの1-9月期の売上高は127億1100万元(約20億ドル)、純利益は17億9100万元(約2億8200万ドル)で、このうち営業利益は前年同期比10.8%増の13億1800万元(約2億0800万ドル)だった。報告期間中にCSOTは、生産ラインの設備稼働率、T1施設での総合製品歩留まり、主要な営業・財務指標のそれぞれの結果から見て、世界をリードする立場を維持した。加えてCSOTのT3工場は計画通り進んでいる。T3工場が操業開始すると、新設備はTCL Communication Technologyとの統合的な生産チェーンを形成し、CSOTの市場競争力をさらに高めると予想される。

TCLの通信事業は報告期間中に高い収益性を保った。今年1-9月期にTCL Communication Technologyは前年同期比2.02%増の163億300万元(約25億7000万ドル)の売上高を達成した。純利益は前年同期比7.16%増の6億1400万元(約9670万ドル)。TCL Communication Technologyは技術開発と製品設計で一貫して優れた能力を持ち、市場競争力を向上させ続けた。1-9月期に発売開始した主力携帯電話のIDOL 3やGO PLAY電話、POP STARスマートフォンは携帯電話ユーザーに好評だった。1-9月期の携帯端末販売は前年同期比14.0%増の5539万5000台だった。

TCL Multimedia Technologyは2015年1-9月期に、前年同期比4.17%増の194億9400万元(約30億7000万ドル)の売上高を計上した。同社はこの時期に2億3800万元(約3750万ドル)の損失を見込んでいた。その悪影響を克服して業績を改善するため、TCL Multimedia Technologyは販売網と製品の品ぞろえを見直した。中国市場で販売したスマートテレビと4Kテレビの売上高が全売上高に占める割合はそれぞれ51.7%、19.2%に上昇した。中国での曲面ディスプレーテレビの販売は9万5383台と、同国内の曲面ディスプレーテレビ市場の20%のシェアを占めた。TCL Multimedia Technologyは為替相場変動の悪影響を軽減するために、組織構造や製品群の改善を続ける計画を明らかにした。同社は今年第4四半期には業績が上向くと予想している。


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TCL Corporation Reports Net Profit of 2.61 Billion Yuan for First Three Quarters of 2015


SHENZHEN, China, Oct. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

TCL Corporation announced its financial results for the first three quarters of

2015. The group booked revenue of 74.110 billion yuan (approx. US$11.6 billion)

during the reporting period, up 7.08% year-on-year. Net profit stood at 2.610

billion yuan (approx. US$411 million), including a net profit of 2.065 billion

yuan (approx. US$325 million) attributable to the shareholders of the listed


In the first nine months of 2015, the group's net profit was mainly

attributable to China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT). During the

reporting period, CSOT realized net profit of 1.791 billion yuan (approx.

US$282 million). TCL's communication business and Finance Services Business

Division achieved net profit of 614 million yuan (approx. US$96.7 million) and

556 million yuan (approx. US$87.6 million), respectively.

Despite a downturn in the LCD panel industry overall, CSOT maintained steady

growth as a result of implementing a strategy whereby the firm shifted the

focus from efficiency to products as a means of preserving competitiveness.

CSOT achieved sales revenue of 12.711 billion yuan (approx. US$2 billion) and

net profit of 1.791 billion yuan (approx. US$282 million) during the first

three quarters of 2015, including an operating profit of 1.318 billion yuan

(approx. US$208 million), reflecting a rise of 10.8% year-on-year. During the

reporting period, CSOT maintained the leading position across the globe as a

result of the capacity utilization rate of the production lines and the

integrated product yield at the T1 facility as well as key operating and

financial indicators. In addition, CSOT's T3 plant is now on track as planned.

Once the T3 plant is put into operation, the new facility will serve to form an

integrated industry chain with TCL Communication Technology and is expected to

further enhance CSOT's market competitiveness.

TCL's communication business maintained its strong profitability during the

reporting period. In the first nine months of this year, TCL Communication

Technology achieved sales revenue of 16.303 billion yuan (approx. US$2.57

billion), up 2.02% year-on-year. Net profit reached 614 million yuan (approx.

US$96.7 million), up 7.16% year-on-year. TCL Communication Technology continues

to improve its market competitiveness with consistently superior capabilities

in technology development and product design. TCL Communication Technology's

flagship mobile phone IDOL 3 as well as the GO PLAY phone and POP STAR

smartphone launched during the period resonated positively with mobile phone

users. In the first nine months of this year, TCL Communication Technology's

sales of mobile devices amounted to 55.395 million units, up 14.0%


In the first three quarters of 2015, TCL Multimedia Technology generated sales

revenue of 19.494 billion yuan (approx. US$3.07 billion), up 4.17%

year-on-year. However, the company saw a loss of 238 million yuan (approx.

US$37.5 million) during the period. To offset the adverse impact and improve

its performance, TCL Multimedia Technology adjusted its distribution channels

and product mix. The proportion of sales attributable to its smart TVs and 4K

TVs sold in the Chinese market increased to 51.7% and 19.2%, respectively.

During the period, the company sold 95,383 curved TVs in China, representing a

20% share of the country's curved TV market. TCL Multimedia Technology said it

plans to continue improving its organizational structure and product mix in a

move to reduce the adverse impact from exchange rate fluctuations. The company

expects improved performance for the fourth quarter of this year.


Marta Chen


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