Beijing General Aviationが常州ハイテク区で航空機P750を製造へ

The Public Promotion Department of Changzhou Xinbei District Commission of CCP

2015/10/29 11:42

Beijing General Aviationが常州ハイテク区で航空機P750を製造へ

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【常州(中国)2015年10月29日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】Beijing General Aviation Co. Ltd.(BGAC)は2015年10月28日、常州国家ハイテク産業開発区の航空産業パークでBeijing Navigation Changzhou Aircraft Industry Co., Ltd.(BNCAG)向け航空機製造施設を正式着工した。新施設が操業されれば、年間70機のP750を製造し、中国東部でBGACの製造・保守整備ハブとして機能する。




ソース:The Public Promotion Department of Changzhou Xinbei District Commission

of CCP

Beijing General Aviation to manufacture P750 aircraft in Changzhou High-Tech Zone


CHANGZHOU, China, Oct. 29, 2015 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Beijing General Aviation Co. Ltd., (BGAC) officially started the construction

of the aircraft production facility for Beijing Navigation Changzhou Aircraft

Industry Co., Ltd. (BNCAG) in Changzhou National High-Tech Industrial

Development Zone's Aviation Industrial Park on October 28, 2015. Once the new

facility starts operation, it is scheduled to produce 70 P750 planes annually

and serve as BGAC's manufacturing and maintenance hub in east China.

Changzhou High-Tech Zone, located in China's highly dynamic Yangtze River Delta

area, continues enhancing its infrastructure-related offerings. In May of this

year, the aviation park received the approval to establish a block of general

aviation controlled airspace, with a flight zone encompassing a maximum of

1,720 square kilometers and an allowed flight height of up to 3,000 meters. The

airspace will be used by the park's resident companies for flights of their

general aircraft and provides aerospace manufacturers with a convenient

location for test flights and certifications.

To address the fast-growing general aviation market in China, BNCAG will be

primarily engaged in the manufacturing and certification of fixed-wing P750

aircraft. The firm will establish the P750 aircraft service and support center

for east China in stages, and will manage the company's activities across the

general aviation industry chain, including showcasing and sales, test flight

and delivery, supply of peripheral aviation equipment as well as modification

and maintenance of P750 aircraft. The 46,320-square-meter facility is located

just south of the Shanghai-Chengdu High-speed Railway and north of Changzhou

Airport's runways. The facility will boast specialized facilities used for

aircraft assembly and spray painting of the fully assembled aircraft. Once the

facility is put into operation, plans call for the production of 70 P750

aircraft annually.

The P750 is a multipurpose and fixed-wing aircraft with a single turboprop

engine and offers short-distance take-off and landing, reverse

propeller-enabled ability to back up while on the ground, flexibility and

motility in the air as well as superior load capacity, in addition to other

features. The aircraft has received air worthiness certificates for operation

in over 20 countries and regions, including the U.S. and Europe. The P750 is

widely used for passenger and cargo transport, tourism, sky diving, aerial

photography and surveying as well as for remote sensing.

SOURCE: The Public Promotion Department of Changzhou Xinbei District Commission

of CCP