ACAPITAL Invests in SUNPARTNER TECHNOLOGIES as part of a 5.2MEuros (5.6 M$) Investment Package


2016/1/20 11:30

ACAPITAL Invests in SUNPARTNER TECHNOLOGIES   as part of a 5.2MEuros (5.6 M$) Investment Package

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2016年1月20日 深セン(中国)

サンパートナー・テクノジーズ社(以下サンパートナー社)はACAPITAL社並びに既存の投資家から520万ユーロの出資を受け入れました。サンパートナー社は透過型太陽光発電パネルWysips(R)を発明し、新エネルギー開発(NETs)に特化した企業です。出資目的はWysips(R) Glassの大型パネルの生産並びに アジアを中心とした海外進出を加速する為に使用されます。


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Wysips(R) Glass生産開始用の投資



Wysips(R) Glass:フランス国内のスマートガラス生産拠点

この出資はフランスに交通機関用の大型スマートガラス、Wysips(R) Glassを年間3万平方メートル生産する拠点を設置する為に使用される予定です。当施設は2017年に稼働を開始し、製造パートナーとの協力の下、次世代の太陽光発電パネルを生産します。このスマートガラスは交通機関、スマートビルディング、ポジティブ・エナジー・ビルディング(再生可能エネルギーや蓄電池などを積極的に導入し、ビル内の消費量を上回るエネルギーを生み出す建物)向けに使用する事になります。

サンパートナー社のWysips(R) Glassは積極的な電力削減目標を達成するのに非常に大きな力となります。太陽光発電パネルは建物のガラスに組み込まれ、発電を可能とし、ネット・ポジティブ・エナジーの目標を達成する一助となります。Wysips(R) Glassは透過型の太陽光発電パネルで透明度(10~80%)に応じ10 ~ 90 ワット/m2の発電効率を誇ります。


2016年、サンパートナー社の売上の50%近くは日本からの売上となります。NTT DOCOMO社やKyocera社の様なパートナーの他に、さらにアジアでの事業を拡大すべくガラス、時計、スクリーンやアクセサリー業界など10社を超える企業と現在協議中です。



ACAPITAL Invests in Sunpartner Technologies as Part of a 5.2MEuros (5.6 M$) Investment Package


AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France, Jan. 20 / PRNewswire=KYODO JBN / --

    Sunpartner Technologies has just raised EUR 5.2 million (5.6 M$) from

ACAPITAL and historical investors. Sunpartner invented the invisible

photovoltaic component Wysips(R) and specializes in solar technologies. Funds

will be used to start making large panels of Wysips(R) Glass for the

transportation and construction industries and to continue international

expansion, mainly in Asia.


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    A New Capital Campaign to Launch Production of Wysips(R) Glass

    This round was marked by the entry of ACAPITAL, a renowned investment fund

specialized in helping European mid-size companies expand in Asia. With its

international network and its focus in China, A CAPITAL will support Sunpartner

Technologies' growth in Asia. Sunpartner Technologies has now raised a total of

EUR45M ($48.7 M) since its creation in 2008 - EUR 15M ($16M) in 2015 alone.

    Wysips(R) Glass: High-Tech Manufacturing of Smart Glazing in France

    This new capital will be used to set up high-tech production facilities in

France for transparent, solar Wysips(R) Glass for large surfaces, with a

capacity of 30,000m2 of smart glazing per year. The site will be operational by

2017 and will make next-generation PV modules, which will be integrated into

the glazing in partnership with leading manufacturers. This smart glazing is

destined for transportation, smart buildings, and net energy positive buildings.

    The PV component is integrated into the building's glazing and produces

electricity from light, helping reach net positive energy. When coupled with a

smart switchable film the window can then power itself.

    Sunpartner Technologies Expands in Asia

    In 2016, nearly 50% of Sunpartner Technologies' revenue will come from in

Japan, with several partners including NTT DOCOMO and KYOCERA. To accelerate

Sunpartner's position in Asia, the company is developing new partnerships in

Japan, where discussions are underway with around ten companies in the glazing,

watch, screen, and accessories industries.

    At the same time, the company is expanding in the Taiwanese and Chinese

markets, where it has an office in Shenzhen. In China, the first markets

targeted are smartwatches, with production starting in summer 2016, and

accessories, whose production will launch in Q2 of 2016. Sunpartner

Technologies then plans to target the glazing industry in China.

    SOURCE: Sunpartner Technologies