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ハンブルクに本社を構えるDERMALOG Identification Systems GmbHはドイツ最大の生体認証メーカーであり、生体認証技術革新のリーダーとして知られています。

科学者チームは、最新の指紋ライブスキャナーなど「指紋自動認識システム(ABISおよびAFIS)」や、生体認証国境検問システム、生体認証IDカード/生体認証ドキュメントを常に手掛けています。「FingerLogin」 、FingerPayment」、「FingerBanking」も、自動顔認識や光彩認識同様、DERMALOG製品です。


DERMALOGは銀行およびATMメーカー向けの生体認証ソリューションも提供しています。世界最大の生体認証バンクプロジェクト(5,000万米ドル規模)は、DERMALOGによって立ち上げられました。23行の銀行およびナイジェリア中央銀行に向けたABISは、銀行顧客の本人確認を確保し、最善の顧客熟知(KYC: Know Your Customer)を保証します。

DERMALOGの革新的な生体認証製品とソリューションの詳細は、ウェブサイト をご参照ください。


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DERMALOG Supplies New Biometric Passports to the Maldives


MALE, Maldives, Jan. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

DERMALOG, the biometrics innovation leader from Germany, has supplied the new

biometric passports and IT system for registration and personalization of

electronic passports to the Republic of Maldives. Additionally, DERMALOG

delivered a new border control system, including automatic gates and a

high-speed AFIS (Automatic Fingerprint Identification System) to Maldives

Immigration. The Maldives is the first country in the South Asian Association

for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) to introduce such a sophisticated biometric

passport- and border control system.

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The President of Maldives Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayoom has launched the new

Maldivian biometric passports. They contain a highly secured polycarbonate data

page with laser engraved photo and data. Each visa page of the passport has a

different design, with numerous illustrations by Maldivan local artist Hussain

Ali Manik. The controller of Maldives Immigration, Mr. Mohamed Anwar,

highlighted in his opening speech that the new Maldives passport is now one of

the most secure biometric passports in the world with 34 visible and invisible

security features and full compliance to the highest security passport


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On the same day, in a special ceremony, the new DERMALOG eGates at Maldives'

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport were opened. These enable passengers to

pass border control by using their new passports for automatic immigration

clearance. Passengers are requested to scan their new passports and boarding

passes as well as their fingerprints. The automatic gate doors then open

automatically and allow passengers to pass.

The biometric passports and automatic gates are complemented with a new border

control system and with a high-speed Automatic Fingerprint Identification

System (AFIS), both from DERMALOG. Again DERMALOG leads the way when it comes

to innovative biometric solutions for secure documents and automated border



DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH, based in Hamburg, is the largest German

biometrics manufacturer and is known as the biometrics innovation leader.

A team of scientists is constantly working on "Automatic Biometric

Identification Systems" (ABIS and AFIS) including the latest fingerprint live

scanners as well as biometric border control systems and biometric ID cards and

other documents. "FingerLogin",  "FingerPayment" and "FingerBanking" are also

DERMALOG products, as well as automatic face identification and iris


Apart from Germany and Europe, DERMALOG's main markets are in Asia, Africa,

Latin America and Middle East. The company has now delivered its technologies

and solutions to more than 140 government agencies in 75 countries.

DERMALOG also provides biometric solutions for banks and ATM manufacturers. The

world's largest biometrics bank project (50 Million USD) has been implemented

by DERMALOG: An ABIS for the 23 banks and for the Central Bank in Nigeria

ensures single identities of bank customers and guarantees best possible KYC.

Numerous ATMs worldwide have been equipped with DERMALOG's fingerprint

technology replacing insecure PINs.

To learn more about DERMALOG's innovative biometric products and solutions,

please visit:

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