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2016/2/12 10:46


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ハンブルグ(ドイツ)、2016年2月11日/PRニュースワイヤー/ --

北ドイツ放送エルプフィルハーモニー交響楽団(NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra)は、音楽監督トーマス・ヘンゲルブロック氏の指揮のもと、2017年1月11日に壮大な新コンサートホール、エルプフィルハーモニーを正式にオープンする予定です。数多くのドラマを生んだ70年以上の歴史に続いて、2016-17シーズンからは、同交響楽団は新たな音楽拠点を持ち、この港町ハンブルグの新ランドマークの芸術大使を務めることになります。そのため、2016-17シーズン以降、エルプフィルハーモニーの常駐交響楽団という新しい地位を反映して、同交響楽団は北ドイツエルプフィルハーモニー交響楽団として知られることになります。






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NDR Symphony Orchestra Changes its Name to NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra


HAMBURG, Germany, Feb. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

     The NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra will formally open the spectacular new
concert hall Elbphilharmonie on 11 January 2017 under the direction of its
music director Thomas Hengelbrock. After an eventful history of more than 70
years, from the 2016/17 season the orchestra will have both a new musical home
and will serve as the artistic ambassador of this new landmark of the harbour
city Hamburg. Therefore, from 16/17 season onwards, to reflect its new status
as the Elbphilharmonie's orchestra in residence, the orchestra will become
known as the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra.

    The orchestra of the NDR can look back on a glittering history, including
its extraordinary foundation story. Founded in July 1945 under British
occupation, it gave its first public concert on 1 November 1945. Famous
principal conductors such as Hans Schmidt-Isserstedt, Klaus Tennstedt, John
Eliot Gardiner, Herbert Blomstedt, Christoph Eschenbach and Christoph von
Dohnanyi have influenced the sound and the profile of the orchestra. The
twenty-year-long intensive collaboration with Guenter Wand as well as the
Schmidt-Isserstedt era rank among the highlights of its history.

    Thomas Hengelbrock has led the orchestra since 2011. He has opened a new
chapter in the history of the orchestra through his flexible interpretations
and his openness towards all musical genres and types of events.

    Succeeding Alan Gilbert, Krzysztof Urbanski, born in 1982, is the current
principal guest conductor and contributes to the dynamic and progressive
orientation of the ensemble.

    Since the 1950s, the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra has won worldwide
recognition through many internationally acclaimed CD recordings and intensive
touring within Europe, in Asia and in the USA. In April 2016, the NDR
Elbphilharmonie Orchestra is launching a unique five-year educational project
throughout China, accompanied by further extensive concert tours in Asia.
Beyond its concerts, the orchestra can also be heard around the world through
not only radio broadcasts but also via the internet by means of video
live-streams and presentations on its own Youtube channel.

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