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【上海2016月4月11日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】ミリケン&カンパニー(Milliken & Company)の子会社Milliken Infrastructure Solutions(http://www.infrastructure.milliken.com )は11日、既存のインナーダクト製品の品名をMaxCell(R)(注)からOptiCell(TM)に改名した。OptiCellへの改名は、アジア太平洋市場向けに限定される。


Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLCのデール・ウィリス副社長は「アジア太平洋地域で当社製品をOptiCell に改名する戦略は、アジア太平洋市場全域で新しい革新的製品を発売するためのより大きな柔軟性を与えてくれる。改名は、顧客がミリカンに期待する最高水準の製品とサービスを提供するという当社のコミットメントに何らの影響も与えない」と語った。

導管内部の利用可能な空間を3倍にするという特許で守られた柔軟なテキスタイル製インナーダクト・システムであるOptiCell(TM)のような製品に具現されているように、Milliken Infrastructureは産業の外観を変えるようなソリューションを市場にもたらす。その独自のテキスタイル構造によって、OptiCellは内蔵するケーブルの形状を均一にすることができ、固定されたインナーダクトに付随する無駄な空間を大いに減らすことができる。


OptiCellインナーダクトに関する詳しい情報はopticell.milliken.com を参照。

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Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLCは、新素材とインストールが容易な方法を探り、インフラストラクチャーの再生、修復、強化をより容易かつ有効にすることに注力している。Milliken Infrastructureは米サウスカロライナ州スパルタンバーグに本社があり、繊維強化プラスチック、ジオポリマーモルタルからジオシンセティック複合材コンクリートマット、ケーブル管理製品まで、同社の広範な製品は、石油・ガス・工業、暴風・公衆トイレ、建物・駐車施設、輸送インフラストラクチャー、テレコム市場向けのソリューションを提供する。Milliken Infrastructure Solutionsはミリケンの子会社であり、1865年に創設されて以来、米国で2200余り、世界で5000以上の特許を保有している。Milliken Infrastructure Solutionsに関する詳しい情報はhttp://infrastructure.milliken.com を参照。

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詳しい情報はwww.milliken.com を参照、あるいはTwitter(http://www.twitter.com/millikenandco )、Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/millikenandcompany )でフォローできる。

(注)MaxCellはWESCO distribution, Inc.の1部門であるTVCの登録商標である。

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Milliken Renames MaxCell Innerduct to OptiCell as Part of Growth Strategy in Asia-Pacific Market


SHANGHAI, Apr. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, (http://www.infrastructure.milliken.com )

LLC, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, today announced that it has renamed

its existing line of innerduct product line from MaxCell(R)* to OptiCell(TM).

The name change to OptiCell will be exclusive to the Asia-Pacific market.

All existing products under the previous MaxCell name will retain the exact

same specifications under the newly named OptiCell line, including reel lengths

and sizes.

"The move to rename our product line in Asia-Pacific to OptiCell gives us

significantly more flexibility to introduce new, innovative products throughout

the Asia-Pacific market," said Dale Willis, vice president for Milliken

Infrastructure Solutions, LLC. "The name change will have no impact on our

commitment to providing the superior level of products and service our

customers expect from Milliken."

Embodied in products like OptiCell(TM) - a patented flexible textile innerduct

system that triples usable space in conduit - Milliken Infrastructure brings to

market solutions that change the face of the industry. The unique textile

construction allows OptiCell to conform to the shape of cables placed within,

greatly reducing the wasted space associated with rigid innerduct.

Installed by the largest telecommunications companies, cable MSOs, and Fortune

500 companies, OptiCell is the standard for allowing companies to maximize

their conduit space while reducing total system cost in a variety of

applications, including:

    -- Telecom

    -- Cable TV

    -- Power/Utilities

    -- Municipalities

    -- University, Corporate and Hospital campuses

    -- Military and Government Installations

For more information on OptiCell innerduct, visit opticell.milliken.com

About Milliken Infrastructure Solutions  

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, LLC offers a range of smart, practical

innovations focused on exploring new materials and installation-friendly

methods to make it easier and more efficient to rehabilitate, repair, and

strengthen infrastructure. Headquartered in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the

company's extensive range of products - from fiber reinforced polymer and

geopolymer mortar systems, to geosynthetic composite concrete mat and cable

management products - offer solutions for oil, gas and industrial; storm and

sanitary; buildings and parking facilities; transport infrastructure; and

telecom markets. Milliken Infrastructure Solutions is a subsidiary of Milliken,

a global innovation leader that has over 2,200 U.S. patents - and more than

5,000 patents worldwide - since its founding in 1865. To learn more about

Milliken Infrastructure Solutions, visit http://infrastructure.milliken.com.  

About Milliken & Company  

For 150 years, Milliken has been innovating with the purpose to explore,

discover and create ways to enhance people's lives. Our community of innovators

has developed one of the larger collections of United States patents held by a

private U.S. company. With expertise across a breadth of disciplines, including

specialty chemical, floor covering and performance materials, we work around

the world every day to add true value to people's lives, improve health and

safety, and help make this world more sustainable. For more information, visit

www.milliken.com and join us on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/millikenandco )

and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/millikenandcompany ).

*MaxCell is a registered trademark of TVC, a division of WESCO distribution,


SOURCE:  Milliken & Company

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