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【サンタクララ(米カリフォルニア州)、ダブリン2016年4月12日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】(Hadoop Summit Europe)-Hortonworks, Inc.(R)(http://www.hortonworks.com/ )(NASDAQ: HDP)とPivotal(R)は12日、Hortonworks Data Platform(HDP(TM))とPivotal HDB(R)を軸とする戦略的提携を大幅に拡大すると発表した。この戦略的提携は、データ管理およびプロセッシングに関するHortonworksの専門的技術とサポート、およびApache(R)Hadoop(TM)向けのPivotalの最先端分析エンジンを統合する。これまでに発表された提携(http://hortonworks.com/press-releases/pivotal-hortonworks-join-forces-apache-hadoop/ )に基づき、拡大されたHortonworksとPivotalの提携は以下を含んでいる。

*PivotalはPivotal HDPを標準とし、Hortonworks Data Platformと100%一致するサブスクリプション・ソフトウエアをサポートする。Pivotal HDPの導入によって、顧客はHDPが提供する豊富なデータ・セキュリティー、ガバナンス、オペレーション機能を利用できる。HortonworksとPivotalは協力し、既存のPHD顧客がHDPを活用できるアップグレードされたプログラムを市場に提供する。

*HortonworksはApache HAWQで動作するHortonworks HDB向けに専門顧客サービスと専門実装サービスを提供する。Hortonworks HDBはサポート・サブスクリプション・ソフトウエアで、Pivotal HDBと100%同一であり、Hadoop上でネイティブSQLサポートを提供する。Hortonworks HDBはHDP向けのアドオン・サポート・サブスクリプションであり、2016年第2四半期に提供される。

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Pivotalのレオ・シュピーゲル上級副社長(コーポレート開発・戦略担当)は「今回の提携は、オープンソース・アプローチとエンタープライズ対応の最新データプラットフォームの幅広い採用における両社共通の見解を具現化したものである。PivotalとHortonworksはともにODPi Coreを通じた統合アプローチを持っており、これはHadoopおよび最新のビッグデータ・アプリケーションのエンタープライズへの広範な導入にとって主要な障害を除去するものである」と語った。

HortonworksとPivotalの両社はオープンソース・コンソーシアムODPi(http://hortonworks.com/solutions/open-data-platform/ )の創設メンバーである。コンソーシアムは業界リーダー、エンタープライズ、サービスプロバイダー、独立系ソフトウエア・ベンダーが集まり、ODPi Coreを通じてビッグデータ・ソリューションのオープンエコシステムを促進する。

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PivotalのCloud Nativeプラットフォームは、世界で最も称賛される多数のブランド向けのソフトウエア・イノベーションを推進する。Pivotalの技術には世界中のコミュニティーにおける多数の開発者とともに、数十億の人々が日々接している。Pivotalは過去10年以上にわたりシリコンバレーの最も価値ある企業のソフトウエア開発文化を形成し、現在は世界のソフトウエア開発方法を変革する世界規模のテクノロジー活動をリードしている。


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Hortonworks and Pivotal Expand Relationship to Deliver Enterprise-Ready Modern Data Platforms for Data Management and Analytics


SANTA CLARA, Calif. and DUBLIN, April 12, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

(Hadoop Summit Europe) -- Hortonworks, Inc.(R) ( http://www.hortonworks.com/ )

(NASDAQ: HDP) and Pivotal(R) today announced a significant expansion of their

strategic relationship centered on the Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP(TM)) and

Pivotal HDB(R). This strategic relationship brings together Hortonworks'

expertise and support for data management and processing with Pivotal's top

analytics engine for Apache(R) Hadoop(TM). Building on their previously

announced alliance (


), the expanded Hortonworks/Pivotal relationship includes the following:

     -- Pivotal will standardize on Pivotal HDP, support subscription software

        that is 100% identical to the Hortonworks Data Platform. With the

        introduction of Pivotal HDP, customers will get access to the rich

        data security, governance and operations functionality provided by

        HDP. Hortonworks and Pivotal are jointly going to market with an

        upgrade program for existing PHD customers to take advantage of HDP.

     -- Hortonworks will offer professional customer support and professional

        implementation services for Hortonworks HDB powered by Apache HAWQ.

        Hortonworks HDB is support subscription software that is 100%

        identical to Pivotal HDB and provides native SQL support on Hadoop.

        Hortonworks HDB is an add-on support subscription to HDP and will be

        available in Q2 2016.

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"Through this expanded partnership, customers will now benefit from the deep

expertise of both companies in delivering enterprise-ready open source software

for production environments at scale for the most demanding workloads," said

Herb Cunitz, president, Hortonworks. "Hortonworks and Pivotal are aligned in

the belief that the best way to deliver infrastructure platform technology

today is to eliminate fragmentation and do it completely in open source."

"This collaboration brings to life our shared belief in an open source approach

and the pervasive adoption of enterprise-ready modern data platforms," said Leo

Spiegel, senior vice president, corporate development and strategy, Pivotal.

"Together, Pivotal and Hortonworks have a unified approach via the ODPi Core

which removes key barriers to the widespread enterprise adoption of Hadoop and

modern big data applications."

Both Hortonworks and Pivotal are founding members of the ODPi (

http://hortonworks.com/solutions/open-data-platform/ ), an open source

consortium that brings industry leaders, enterprises, service providers and

independent software vendors together to accelerate the open ecosystem of big

data solutions through the ODPi Core.

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About Pivotal

Pivotal's Cloud Native platform drives software innovation for many of the

world's most admired brands. With millions of developers in communities around

the world, Pivotal technology touches billions of users every day. After

shaping the software development culture of Silicon Valley's most valuable

companies for over a decade, today Pivotal leads a global technology movement

transforming how the world builds software.

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our expectations of the benefits of the acquisition to customers, are

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forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance, and you

are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements.

Actual results could differ materially from those projected in the

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delays or reductions in information technology spending; (iii) risks associated

with managing the growth of Pivotal's businesses, including operating costs;

(iv) changes to Pivotal's software business model; (v) competitive factors,

including pricing pressures and new product introductions; (vi) Pivotal's

customers' ability to transition to new products and computing strategies such

as cloud computing, the uncertainty of customer acceptance of emerging

technologies, and rapid technological and market changes; (vii) Pivotal's

ability to protect its proprietary technology; (viii) Pivotal's ability to

attract and retain highly qualified employees; (ix) Pivotal's ability to

execute on its plans and strategy; and (x) risks related to data and

information security vulnerabilities. All information set forth in this release

is current as of the date of this release. These forward-looking statements are

based on current expectations and are subject to uncertainties and changes in

condition, significance, value and effect as well as other risks disclosed

previously and from time to time in documents filed by EMC Corporation, the

parent company of Pivotal, with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

EMC and Pivotal assume no obligation to, and do not currently intend to, update

any such forward-looking statements after the date of this release.

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