SAP Fieldglass報告、各組織で調達業務の重要性が高まる

SAP Fieldglass

2016/5/30 10:15

SAP Fieldglass報告、各組織で調達業務の重要性が高まる

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*サービス調達と外部労働力管理のリーダーがProcureCon Asia 2016でベストプラクティス(最良事例)を話し合う

サービス調達と外部労働力管理のクラウドテクノロジーで世界をリードするSAP Fieldglass( )などがまとめた報告によると、組織内で調達業務が不可欠な役割を果たし、その重要性は今後も高まり続ける。WBR DigitalのChallenges in Asia-Pacific Procurement報告はアジア太平洋地域の主要多国籍企業の調達担当幹部100人を対象に調査を実施した。

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SAP Fieldglass APACのディレクター、トニー・ジャクソン氏は「取引ベースの組織が戦略性を高めるにつれて、調達は以前の役割から大きく浮上した。その影響力が拡大を続けるという事実は調達の地位を飛躍的に高め、根本的レベルの変革を促す」と述べた。

SAP Fieldglassなどが資金提供した報告には、調達の効率化を目指す各組織の取り組みに関して重要な点が含まれている。その主なものは:





ProcureCon Asia 2016でジャクソン氏は「サービス調達方法の向上方法」をテーマに発言する。さまざまな分野で一貫した手順を作り、価値の評価や可視性向上による作業の効率化など、プロジェクトベースのサービス管理で成功する方法を伝える。


SAP Fieldglassはサービス調達と外部労働力管理のための、業界をリードするテクノロジーを提供する。世界のトップ企業400社以上がSAP Fieldglassの使いやすいクラウドベースのサービスソリューションを活用し、外部労働力、作業範囲記述書(SOW)を含むプロジェクトベースのサービス、独立系コントラクター、弾力的な付加人材プールを可視化している。

SAP Fieldglassのベンダー管理システム(VMS)は、全労働力の可視化を実現し、コスト削減、労働者の質、コンプライアンス、プログラム効率を最終的に最大化するため、全ての産業および地域の組織に利用されている。グラクソ・スミスクライン、ジョンソン・エンド・ジョンソン、モンサント、リオ・ティントなどの企業の調達・人材担当者は高度な人材を開発するためSAP Fieldglassと提携し、クラス最高の労働力プログラムを生み出すのに必要な管理戦略を採用している。詳しい情報は を参照。

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Nicole Mohovich, SAP Fieldglass, Inc., +1(312) 763-4425,;  Michael O'Connell or Alice Sol, PAN Communications,


SAP Fieldglass Report: Procurement to Play Increasingly Important Role in Organizations


SINGAPORE, May 30, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-- Services procurement and external workforce management leader to discuss

best practices at ProcureCon Asia 2016 conference

Procurement plays a critical role within organizations, and its importance will

continue to increase, according to a report underwritten in part by SAP

Fieldglass ( ), the global cloud technology leader

in services procurement and contingent workforce management. WBR Digital's

"Challenges in Asia-Pacific Procurement" report surveyed 100 senior procurement

executives from leading multinationals in the Asia-Pac region.

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Overall, 24 percent of respondents said procurement already occupies a high

place on organizations' agendas, with the chief procurement officer having a

seat on the board, and 56 percent predicted procurement will progress toward

making board-level decisions over the next three years. Only a fifth of

respondents saw procurement's importance remaining secondary within


"Procurement has moved far beyond its former role as a transaction-based entity

to be more strategic," said Toni Jackson, director, SAP Fieldglass APAC. "The

fact that its influence continues to grow positions procurement well to drive

change at a fundamental level."

The report, co-sponsored by SAP Fieldglass, included a series of key findings

relating to organizations' initiatives to make procurement more efficient. They

include the following:

   -- Procurement's value within an organization is measured by managed spend

      as a percentage of total spend, followed closely by contract compliance.

   -- The biggest challenges respondents face relate to budgetary constraints,

      followed by time constraints and a lack of both resources and internal


   -- The most significant skills gap in current procurement teams was cited

      in contract management (52 percent), followed by contract selection and

      legal (51 percent) and risk analysis.

"There is technology in the marketplace that helps tackle the challenges the

respondents shared," Jackson said. "Vendor Management Systems (VMS) help manage

services procurement programs by simplifying many processes, including

sourcing, collaboration and contract negotiation, management and evaluation,

invoice approval and spend management. Our VMS customers realize cost savings

from 8 to 12 percent in the first year alone."

Jackson will speak at ProcureCon Asia 2016 on the topic of "How to Elevate Your

Service Procurement Practices." She will discuss ways to successfully manage

project-based services - to create consistent processes across categories, do a

better job of measuring quality and increase visibility.


SAP Fieldglass provides the industry's leading technology for services

procurement and external workforce management. More than 400 of the top global

businesses leverage SAP Fieldglass' intuitive, cloud-based services solution to

gain visibility into its external labor, project-based services including

Statements of Work (SOW), independent contractors and additional flexible

talent pools.

The SAP Fieldglass VMS is used by organizations across all industries and

geographies to achieve total workforce visibility and ultimately maximize cost

savings, worker quality, compliance and program efficiencies. Procurement and

HR professionals from companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson,

Monsanto and Rio Tinto partner with SAP Fieldglass to develop sophisticated

talent and spend management strategies necessary to create best-in-class

workforce programs. For more information, visit

SOURCE: SAP Fieldglass

CONTACT:  Nicole Mohovich, SAP Fieldglass, Inc., +1(312) 763-4425,;  Michael O'Connell or Alice Sol, PAN Communications,