Hunter Ultrasonicsがクリーンなディーゼルエンジン・フィルターへのより良い道筋を紹介

Hunter Ultrasonics

2016/7/13 10:08

Hunter Ultrasonicsがクリーンなディーゼルエンジン・フィルターへのより良い道筋を紹介

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しかし、Hunter Ultrasonicsの創業者兼最高経営責任者(CEO)であるケン・ハンター氏が最近の論文で指摘したように、汚染を削減する手段は、エンジンフィルターの洗浄を通じ、このプロセスの主要部分であるレギュラーを除外することである。

詳しい情報は「Ultrasonic Cleaning - the Green Way to Clean Diesel Particulate Filters」(超音波洗浄-クリーンなディーゼル排気微粒子除去フィルターへのグリーンウエー)( )を参照。








超音波洗浄処理、そして、それがどれだけDPFの保守費を削減し、エンジン寿命を延ばし、効率性改善を通じて燃料費を低減できるかについての詳しい情報は、 を参照。

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Ken Hunter

Founder and CEO, Hunter Ultrasonics

416-605- 7547

Hunter Ultrasonics introduces a better way to clean diesel engine filters


TORONTO, July 13, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-- 3 Reasons Why Current Government Regulations Miss the Mark on Reducing

Carbon Emissions

Regulations, ranging from the 2015 Paris Agreement's wide ranging guidelines to

mandates on nonroad vehicles, have all aimed at reducing greenhouse gas


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But as Ken Hunter, Founder and CEO of Hunter Ultrasonics, points out in a

recent article, the measures to reduce pollution exclude a key part of the

process - regular, thorough cleaning of engine filters.

Read "Ultrasonic Cleaning - the Green Way to Clean Diesel Particulate Filters"

( for more information.

Diesel vehicle owners, operators and manufactures should call on governments

around the globe to not just require Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) on all

diesel engines, but also provide guidance on proper maintenance and cleaning of

those filters in all future standards.

This is an essential part of the equation to ensure transportation related

carbon emission reduction goals are met.

Active regeneration, an increasingly common way to clean clogged DPF filters,

is inefficient because it:

    -- Burns off particulates at high temperatures, which puts pollutants back

       into the air and defeats the purpose of having the filter in the first


    -- Leads to increased downtime and lost productivity while the engine is

       rendered inoperable during the process

    -- Increases fuel usage and costs

Unless proactive cleaning guidelines and less harmful methods like Ultrasonic

Cleaning are adopted, pollution will only continue to increase.

To learn more about the Ultrasonic Cleaning process and how it can reduce DPF

maintenance costs, extend engine life and lower fuel costs through improved

efficiency, visit

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CONTACT: For more information: Ken Hunter, Founder and CEO, Hunter Ultrasonics,

416-605- 7547,,