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モビリティー、輸送、物流の最も重要な見本市の準備が全速力で進行-2000の出展者-具体的な大きな流れを有するNew Mobility World logistics

ドイツ自動車工業会(German Association of the Automotive Industry、VDA)のマティアス・ウィスマン会長は「『Driven by ideas』(アイデアに駆り立てられる)のスローガンは、モビリティー、輸送、物流に関する世界で最も重要な見本市で展示する企業のイノベーションに対する大きな意欲を浮き彫りにしている。第66回IAA商用車見本市(IAA Commercial Vehicles)は9月22日にハノーバーで開幕する。IAAではこれ以上に未来あるものはなかった。代替パワートレインの多数のモデルが展示される。市内バス、バン、配送トラックはますます電力を使うようになっている。全部門が『デジタル変革』を経験している。未来の商用車は接続され、自動運転はすぐに現実になる」と強調した。VDAはIAAを主催している。



「New Mobility World logistics」は、国際自動車ショー(IAA)においてデジタル変革の大きな流れを重視する。これは、商用車・輸送・物流産業全体が未来のモビリティーを推進しているという事実を浮き彫りにしている。例えば「New Mobility World LIVE」の実演エリアは技術革新による動的・対話型運転を展示する。「New Mobility World Parcours」では、ビジターは自分で電気商用車を運転し、体験することができる。テーマ別の「ガイド付きツアー」(Guided Tours)は参加者を見本市会場の特定の出展者に案内する。また、自動化、接続性、クリーン電力および都市化に関する多数の会議もある。その1つは9月27日の「New Mobility World Lab16: Startups meet industry」である。これは貨物運送、物流、商用車をより効率的に、より環境にやさしく、よりスマートにするイノベーションにハイライトを当てる。「Lab」は大手企業と新興企業を引き合わせる。業界の先駆者によるコンパクトな企業プレゼンテーション、ネットワーキングの会合、討議および講演は、刺激的なプログラムを提供する。


VDAは、連邦経済省、ドイツ経営者連盟(BDI)、労働組合のIG Metall、その他の11の産業・雇用者団体および労組が設けたAlliance for the 'Future of Industry'(「産業の未来」のための連合)の活動週間をサポートするさまざまな活動をIAAで開催する。

第66回IAA商用車見本市は、9月22日にアレクサンダー・ドブリント連邦運輸相によって開会される。ジャーナリストのオンライン登録(http://www.iaa.de/en/ )は7月14日に始まっており、既にこの段階で2年前よりも多くのジャーナリストが登録している。



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ソース:German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)

Wissmann: IAA Commercial Vehicles as Platform for Digital Transformation


BERLIN, August 4, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

     Preparations for the most important trade fair for mobility, transport and

logistics running at top speed - 2,000 exhibitors - New Mobility World

logistics with tangible megatrends.

    "The slogan 'Driven by ideas' points up the huge drive for innovation in

the companies exhibiting at the world's most important trade show for mobility,

transport and logistics. The 66 IAA Commercial Vehicles will open its doors in

Hannover on September 22. There has never been more future at the IAA. Numerous

models with alternative powertrains will be on display. City buses, vans and

distribution trucks are increasingly using electric power. The entire sector is

undergoing a 'digital transformation' - the commercial vehicles of the future

will be connected, and automated driving will soon be a reality," stressed

Matthias Wissmann, President of the German Association of the Automotive

Industry (VDA). The VDA organizes the IAA.


Preparations for the IAA are running at top speed. "We have sold more stand

space than we did at the last IAA Commercial Vehicles. Once again we have a

great many exhibitors, at around 2,000. The IAA is becoming ever more

international, with the proportion of foreign exhibitors way over the 50

percent mark. Most of the foreign exhibitors come from Italy, China or Turkey.

This year again it is impressive to see the major truck, trailer and body

manufacturers at the IAA. To add to this, there are more suppliers from all

over the world than at any other automotive trade fair," Wissmann explained.

The first-time exhibitors include BYD with its buses, and Toyota with light

commercial vehicles.


The "New Mobility World logistics" gives the megatrend of digital

transformation a news emphasis at the International Motor Show (IAA). It

underscores the fact that the whole commercial vehicle, transport and logistics

industry is driving forward the mobility of the future. For example, the

demonstration area "New Mobility World LIVE" will showcase dynamic and

interactive driving with technical innovations. At the "New Mobility World

Parcours" visitors will be able to drive and experience electric commercial

vehicles themselves. The themed "Guided Tours" will take participants around

the trade show grounds to selected exhibitors. There will also be a large

number of conferences on automation, connectivity, clean power and urbanization.

One of them is the "New Mobility World Lab16: Startups meet industry" on

September 27. It will highlight innovations that make freight traffic,

logistics and commercial vehicles more efficient, greener and smarter. The

"Lab" will bring established companies and startups together. Compact corporate

presentations, networking sessions, discussions and lectures by pioneers in the

industry will provide an exciting program.

The healthy state of the commercial vehicle business is supporting the IAA,"

Wissmann emphasized. Last year the Western European market for heavy trucks

already expanded by 14 percent. New registrations in the first half of 2016

also added 14 percent. And the van market has a similar dynamic: in the first

half-year light commercial vehicles recorded a year-on-year rise of 12 percent.


The VDA organizes a wide range of activities at the IAA supporting the week of

activities of the Alliance for the 'Future of Industry' instituted by the

Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, the Federation of German Industries

(BDI), the trade union IG Metall,  and eleven other industrial and employers'

associations and trade unions.

The 66th IAA Commercial Vehicles will be opened by Federal Transport Minister

Alexander Dobrindt on September 22. Online accreditation for journalists

(http://www.iaa.de/en/) began on July 14, and already more journalists have

registered than at this stage two years ago.


You will find information about the IAA including useful tips, opening times,

admission prices, a site plan, specialist events and other activities/events at


     Press contact:

     Eckehart Rotter

     Head of Press Department

     Phone: +49-30-897842-120

     Email: rotter@vda.de

SOURCE: German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)