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2016/8/12 13:10


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【北京2016年8月11日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】World Cyber Arena(WCA)とInternational e-Sports Federation(IeSF、国際eスポーツ連盟)が上海で共催したグローバルeスポーツ経営者サミット(The Global e-Sports Executive Summit)は、eスポーツ産業全体に重要な歴史的影響を与えた。このサミットでは重要な一連の事案について画期的展開があり、コンセンサスが得られた。サミットは、中国のWCAに代表されるeスポーツが世界と直結する絶好の機会になった。





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WCA & IeSF Global e-Sports Executive Summit: Let e-Sports Link the World


BEIJING, Aug. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The Global e-Sports Executive Summit, collectively held by World Cyber Arena

(WCA) and International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) in Shanghai, has made an

historical impact for the whole e-Sports industry. During the summit,

breakthroughs and consensus on a series of major issues have been made.

Therefore the summit has become the greatest opportunity for China's e-Sports,

which is represented by WCA, to have zero distance contact with the world.

For first time representatives from 47 member countries and regions of IeSF

attend the conference in China, and many senior people from e-Sports facilities

were invited. The summit, is widely believed to be able to reshape the

pan-sports industry.

As the host, WCA has had in-depth communication with different countries and

regions, as well as different facilities. Xu Xuefeng, President of WCA, met

senior people in e-Sports industry in America, Australia, Germany, Denmark,

Russia, Brazil, Iran and South Africa. During the summit, Xu reached consensus

with these guests for future e-Sports cooperation. This move showed that WCA

intend to establish extensive collaboration and partnerships globally,

meanwhile revealing the faith and capability of WCA's increasing globalization.

The WCA-IeSF Global e-Sports Executive Summit has already become a significant

link in China's e-Sports development. Through the in-depth communication and

contact between WCA and e-Sports organizations in various countries and

regions, WCA has not only advertised itself in the world stage, but also

enhanced its influence and branded awareness. e-Sports is one of the most

prosperous industries, and the summit provided an opportunity for China's

e-Sports industry to build up contacts and deepen collaboration with other

countries. It is a crucial move in terms of maintaining e-Sports diversity and

global expansion. The summit provided a beneficial and healthy environment for

China's e-Sports to get more involved in the global landscape.

In order to promote sustainable and continued development, WCA will keep taking

full advantage of global resources and unite partners in different countries

and regions to collectively hold global cooperation on a larger scale. During

this process, the influence of WCA and China's e-Sports will experience a sharp

and considerable rise across the globe.

Photo - http://photos.prnasia.com/prnh/20160811/0861608140

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