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【ディーメン(オランダ)2016年9月24日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】ランドスタッド・ホールディング・エヌ・ヴィー(Randstad Holding nv)(AMS: RAND)の完全子会社ランドスタッド・ノースアメリカ(Randstad North America, Inc.)は24日、同社の完全子会社Merlin Global Acquisition, Inc.がMonster Worldwide, Inc.(NYSE: MWW)(以下「Monster」)の発行済み全普通株を1株当たり現金3.40ドルで買い付けると発表した株式公開買付を、利子および適用源泉徴収税なしで延長した(以下「Offer」)と発表した。

Monster買収提案に関わるForm COは欧州員会に提出済みであり、現時点では同委員会は2016年10月26日までにその審査を終了するとみられている。この審査に対して異議がなければ、規制当局の認可は同期日までに得られ予定である。


Offerの預託機関であるBroadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc.はニューヨーク時間2016年9月22日午後5時時点で、Monsterの発行済み普通株の1%未満であるMonster普通株約6048株が適切に提供され、Offerに準じて適切に引き出されていなかったと報告した。普通株売却に応じたMonster株主は株式を再提出しなくてもよいし、Offerの延長に伴い他の措置を講じる必要もない。

ランドスタッドは、柔軟な就労と人材サービスの分野におけるソリューションに特化している。そのサービスは、定期的な人材派遣、恒久的な職業紹介から、インハウスサービス、プロフェッショナル、求人・選考、再就職支援、人事ソリューションまでに及んでいる。ランドスタッド・グループ(Randstad Group)は世界をリードするHRサービスプロバイダーであり、アルゼンチン、ベルギー、ルクセンブルク、カナダ、チリ、フランス、ドイツ、ギリシャ、インド、メキシコ、オランダ、ポーランド、ポルトガル、スペイン、スイス、英国、米国ではトップ3の地位を占め、オーストラリア、日本でも主要な地位を確保している。2015年、ランドスタッドは世界39カ国の約4473の支店およびインハウス・ロケーションに約2万9750人の雇員を擁している。ランドスタッドは1960年に創設され、オランダ・ディーメンに本社を置いている。ランドスタッド・ホールディング・エヌ・ヴィーはアムステルダムのユーロネクストに上場され、ランドスタッドのストックオプションも取引されている。詳細はウェブサイトwww.randstad.com を参照。

このプレスリリース、およびここに含まれる記述は、情報提供だけを目的にしているだけで、Monster普通株の買付の提言や提案、売却の勧誘をするものではない。ランドスタッドの完全子会社ランドスタッド・ノースアメリカ(ランドスタッド)、Merlin Global Acquisition, Inc.(Merger Sub)、ランドスタッドの親会社ランドスタッド・ホールディング・エヌ・ヴィー(ホールディング)は、買付提案(Offer to Purchase)、送付状用紙(Letter of Transmittal)、その他関連資料を含む本公開買付に関する公開買付説明書(Tender Offer Statement on Schedule TO)を米証券取引委員会(SEC)に提出し、Monsterはこの株式公開買付に関しする意見表明書(Solicitation/Recommendation Statement on Schedule 14D-9)をSECに提出した。これらの資料は、その時々によって、それぞれ修正されたり補完されたりするが、公開買付に関する重要情報を含んでおり、Monster株主はこれら資料を熟読してもらいたい。Monster株主は、これらの資料およびMonster、ランドスタッド、Merger Sub、HoldingがSECに提出の資料の無料コピーを、SECが運営するウェブサイトwww.sec.gov から入手することができる。公開買付説明書はランドスタッドのウェブサイトで入手可能である。

Offer to Purchaseは、Offer提示ないしはその受理が法的権限管轄区域の証券法、ブルースカイ法、その他の法律に準拠しない法的権限管轄区域において、Monster普通株の株主に行われたものではない(提案は株主ないしはその代理から受け付けるものではない)。適用される法律ないしは規定が認可ブローカーないしはディーラーによってOffer to Purchaseを履行される法的権限管轄区域では、Offer to Purchaseはその法的権限管轄区域の法律の下に認可された1つないしはそれ以上のブローカーないしはディーラーによってMerger Subに代わって履行されるとみなされる。

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Randstad Extends Tender Offer To Acquire Monster Worldwide To Coordinate Offer Timing With EU Regulatory Review Schedule


DIEMEN, The Netherlands, Sept. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Randstad North America, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Randstad Holding nv
(AMS: RAND), announced today that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Merlin Global
Acquisition, Inc., has extended its previously announced tender offer for any
and all outstanding shares of common stock of Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:
MWW) ("Monster"), at a price of $3.40 per share in cash, without interest
thereon and less any applicable withholding taxes (the "Offer").

The Form CO notification related to the proposed acquisition of Monster has
been submitted to the European Commission, which is currently expected to
conclude its review by October 26, 2016. If there are no objections to the
review, all regulatory clearances are expected to have been obtained by that

In order to facilitate completion of the European Commission's regulatory
review, the Offer has been extended and is now scheduled to expire on October
28, 2016 at 12:00 midnight, New York City time, unless further extended. The
Offer was previously scheduled to expire on October 3, 2016 at 12:00 midnight,
New York City time. Except for the extension of the Offer, all other terms and
conditions of the Offer remain unchanged.

Broadridge Corporate Issuer Solutions, Inc., the depositary for the Offer, has
advised that as of 5:00 p.m., New York City time, on September 22, 2016,
approximately 6,048 shares of common stock of Monster have been validly
tendered and not properly withdrawn pursuant to the Offer, representing less
than 1% of the outstanding shares of common stock of Monster. Monster
shareholders who have already tendered their shares of common stock do not have
to re-tender their shares or take any other action as a result of the extension
of the Offer.

About Randstad

Randstad specializes in solutions in the field of flexible work and human
resources services. Their services range from regular temporary staffing and
permanent placements to Inhouse Services, Professionals, Search & Selection,
outplacement, and HR Solutions. Randstad Group is one of the leading HR
services providers in the world, with top-three positions in Argentina, Belgium
& Luxembourg, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Greece, India, Mexico, the
Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the United
States, as well as major positions in Australia and Japan. In 2015, Randstad
had approximately 29,750 corporate employees and around 4,473 branches and
Inhouse locations in 39 countries around the world. Randstad generated revenue
of EUR19.2 billion in 2015. Randstad was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in
Diemen, the Netherlands. Randstad Holding nv is listed on the Euronext
Amsterdam, where options for stocks in Randstad are also traded. For more
information, see www.randstad.com.

Additional Information

This press release and the description contained herein is for informational
purposes only and is not a recommendation, an offer to buy, or the solicitation
of an offer to sell any shares of Monster's common stock. Randstad North
America, Inc. ("Randstad"), Randstad's wholly-owned subsidiary, Merlin Global
Acquisition, Inc. ("Merger Sub") and Randstad's parent company, Randstad
Holding nv ("Holding"), have filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commission (the "SEC") a Tender Offer Statement on Schedule TO containing an
offer to purchase (the "Offer to Purchase"), a form of letter of transmittal
(the "Letter of Transmittal") and other related documents and Monster has filed
with the SEC a Solicitation/Recommendation Statement on Schedule 14D-9 with
respect to the tender offer. THESE DOCUMENTS, AS EACH MAY BE AMENDED OR
of Monster may obtain a free copy of these documents and other documents filed
by Monster, Randstad, Merger Sub or Holding with the SEC at the website
maintained by the SEC at www.sec.gov. The Schedule TO is available on
Randstad's website.

The Offer to Purchase is not being made to holders of (nor will tenders be
accepted from or on behalf of holders of) shares of Monster's common stock in
any jurisdiction in which the making of the Offer or the acceptance thereof
would not be in compliance with the securities, blue sky or other laws of such
jurisdiction. In those jurisdictions where applicable laws or regulations
require the Offer to Purchase to be made by a licensed broker or dealer, the
Offer to Purchase shall be deemed to be made on behalf of Merger Sub by one or
more registered brokers or dealers licensed under the laws of such jurisdiction
to be designated by Randstad, Merger Sub or Holding.

Forward-Looking Statements

The statements included in this press release contain forward-looking
statements, which are generally statements that are not historical facts.
Forward-looking statements can be identified by the words "expects,"
"anticipates," "believes," "intends," "estimates," "plans," "will," "outlook"
and similar expressions. Forward-looking statements are based on management's
current plans, estimates, assumptions and projections, speak only as of the
date they are made and include without limitation statements regarding the
planned completion of the tender offer and the merger, statements regarding the
anticipated filings and approvals relating to the tender offer and the merger,
statements regarding the expected completion of the tender offer and the merger
and statements regarding the ability of Merger Sub to complete the tender offer
and the merger considering the various closing conditions. Randstad and Monster
undertake no obligation to update any forward-looking statement in light of new
information or future events, except as otherwise required by law.
Forward-looking statements involve inherent risks and uncertainties, most of
which are difficult to predict and are generally beyond the control of either
company, including the following: (a) the occurrence of any event, change or
other circumstance that could give rise to the termination of the merger
agreement; (b) the inability to complete the transaction due to the failure to
satisfy conditions to the transaction; (c) that there can be no assurance that
the European Commission will consider the Form CO notification complete, that
the merger review will not be extended further or that the European Commission
will not refer the whole or part of the case to the competent authorities of an
EU member state; (d) the risk that the proposed transaction disrupts current
plans and operations; (e) difficulties or unanticipated expenses in connection
with integrating Monster into Randstad; (f) the risk that the acquisition does
not perform as planned; and (g) potential difficulties in employee retention
following the closing of the transaction. Actual results or outcomes may differ
materially from those implied by the forward-looking statements as a result of
the impact of a number of factors, many of which are discussed in more detail
in the public reports of each company filed or to be filed with the SEC or the
Amsterdam Stock Exchange.

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