IDTechEx Researchが電気自動車の最新リポートを発表


2016/10/12 10:40

IDTechEx Researchが電気自動車の最新リポートを発表

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【ボストン2016年10月12日PR Newsiwire=共同通信JBN】最新技術に関する独立市場調査、ビジネス・インテリジェンス、イベントの大手プロバイダーであるIDTechExは、「Electric Vehicles Change the World 2017-2037(電気自動車が世界を変える 2017-2037年)」( )と題する最新リポートを発表した。



「Electric Vehicles Change the World 2017-2037」( )は事実に立脚した予測手法を用いて、今後10年間のEVの販売台数および市場価値に関する見通しと、今後20年間にわたる技術面のロードマップを提供する。今回のリポートに1年前のリポートにある1語も含まれてないことは、時代の動向を反映している。今回のリポートは2016年のリサーチによりほぼ全面的に改訂されたものだ。専門アナリスト陣の実施した集中的な旅行や会議の日程に基づく詳細な技術的ロードマップを示すとともに46の分野での予測を行ったのはIDTechExだけである。




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IDTechEx Research Announces New Report on Electric Vehicles


BOSTON, Oct. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

      IDTechEx Research, a leading provider of independent market research,

business intelligence and events on emerging technology announces the

availability of a new report, Electric Vehicles Change the World 2017-2037

[ ].

(Logo: )

    Electric vehicles have gone from curiosities to being a frequent news item

and, if you live in Norway or the Netherlands, something you see often.

However, that is nothing compared to EVs shaking the foundations of society

over the coming decade, from robot agriculture and delivery drones to almost

free travel in sunny countries and virtually eliminating air pollution.

    Electric Vehicles Change the World 2017-2037 [ ]

provides ten year forecasts for units sold and market value, and twenty year

technology roadmaps using facts-based forecasting. It is a sign of the times

that this report contains barely a word from its predecessor one year ago: it

is almost entirely researched in 2016. Only IDTechEx forecasts in 46 categories

alongside detailed technological roadmaps based on intense travel and

conference schedules executed by expert analysts.

    A major focus of this unique overview report is the vehicles themselves,

from personal manned multicopters to e-buses straddling traffic, showing the

gaps in the market. The report prioritises commercial success factors and

provides detailed statistics to support informed action plans.

    The key enabling technologies for the future are also covered. These are

changing radically with new forms of reversing motor generators, energy

harvesting and electrical recuperation among those coming to the fore.

Uniquely, this report takes a fresh, unbiased look at all the vehicle

categories and technology options, most of which are subject to disruptive

change. Included is a league table of the top 13 manufacturers in EVs land,

water and air with many famous names absent and little known names in there,

including seven companies not in the top 13 three years ago.

    Unlike some, IDTechEx is not uniformly enthusiastic about everything.

Indeed certain technologies are calculated to be squeezed out to become merely

niche activities. In this report IDTechEx looks at where, when and why.

    This new report is available for order on the IDTechEx website at . Learn more about IDTechEx here

[ ].

    IDTechEx provides companies with tools that can assist them in making

essential strategic decisions in emerging technologies. IDTechEx offers

research reports, subscriptions, consultancy, introductory services and events.


Alison Lewis     

Marketing Manager, Reports   

UK: +44-(0)1223-810290