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【横浜2016年10月24日 PR Newsiwire=共同通信JBN】世界的な建設・採鉱機械大手XCMGは9月に横浜で開催されたジャパントラックショー2016(2016 Japan Truck Show)で新型レッカー車である「QZF10D」と「QZF3B」の2モデルを発表した。1年ごとに開かれるこのショーは、日本唯一の商用車両展示会であり、アジアで最も影響力のあるトラックショーである。






XCMG Xuzhou(徐州) Truck-Mounted Crane Co., Ltd.のゼネラル・マネジャー、スン・シャオジュン(Sun Xiaojun)氏は「XCMGは国際市場で自社の基礎を強化する一方で、海外販売ネットワークを最適化し、様々な地域向け戦略を発展させることを目指している。なかでもトラック積載型クレーンへの需要が伸びているアジア太平洋、アフリカ、西アジア、北米に重点を置き、アルジェリア、サウジアラビア、ケニア、ナイジェリア、ベトナム、ミャンマー、トルクメニスタン、ペルー、ボリビア、コロンビアの市場では海外ビジネスの展望を拡大するため現地協力を深めることにより飛躍的前進を達成しつつある」と語った。



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  XCMG Brings New Wreckers to 2016 Japan Truck Show


YOKOHAMA, Japan, Oct. 24, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Global leading construction and mining equipment manufacturer XCMG has debuted

two new wreckers, QZF10D and QZF3B, at the 2016 Japan Truck Show hosted in

September in Yokohama, Japan. The biennial fair is the only commercial vehicle

exhibition in Japan and one of the most influential truck shows in Asia.

Both models have significant improvements in hoisting and lifting capabilities,

reducing the height of arm body to increase the effective lifting length, while

adopting hexagonal boom for structural optimization and weight reduction of

boom system to make the wreckers safer.

The operation of the wreckers is also made more convenient with the combined

wireless remote control and wired control, realizing wireless control of

hoisting and lifting and wired control on both sides behind lifting.

The two wreckers exhibited at the truck show were sold on-site and XCMG

received purchase intention of 15 more during the three-day fair. The company

has sold more than 60 wreckers in Japanese market to date.

"Japan has a highly developed equipment manufacturing industry, the Japanese

wreckers market is dominated mostly by domestic brands as well as European and

American brands, XCMG is the only Chinese wrecker brand to enter the Japanese

market," said Mr Oben, XCMG's agent in Japan since 2009.

The company's truck-mounted products are now being exported to many countries

and regions, including 14 truck-mounted cranes exported to Vietnam in July, a

23-meter hydraulic aerial platform exported to Vanuatu, 20 SQ8ZK3Q

truck-mounted cranes with foldable arm to Thailand more.

"While strengthening our foundations in international markets, XCMG aims to

optimize the overseas sales network and develop strategies for different

regions, emphasizing on Asia-Pacific, Africa, West Asia and North Africa where

the demand for truck-mounted cranes is growing and achieving breakthroughs in

market of Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Nigeria, Vietnam, Myanmar,

Turkmenistan, Peru, Bolivia and Columbia through deepening local cooperation to

expand the scope of overseas businesses," said Mr Sun Xiaojun, General Manager

of XCMG Xuzhou Truck-Mounted Crane Co., Ltd.

About XCMG:

XCMG is a multinational heavy machinery manufacturing company with a history of

73 years. It currently ranks ninth in the world's construction machinery

industry. The company exports to more than 176 countries and regions around the


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