JC Groupのウェイ・ジエ会長が「International Medical Friendly Ambassador」に任命される

JC Group

2016/10/28 18:06

JC Groupのウェイ・ジエ会長が「International Medical Friendly Ambassador」に任命される

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【京都2016年10月28日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】第40回国際外科学会(ICS)世界総会は、中国の起業家でありJC Group取締役会長のウェイ・ジエ氏を「International Medical Friendly Ambassador」に任命するという書簡を出した。ICSがこのような名誉職を個人に付与するのは今回が初めて。

JC Groupは京都府立医科大学付属がん研究所機関と友好関係協定に調印した。双方はこの協定に基づき、医療関係者の育成と技術装置の導入に関して全面的協力を開始する。これはJC Groupが日本支部の法人設立に伴い、日本における医療分野をさらに探求する取り組みを示すものである。




JC Groupが日本への関与を深めることで、医療分野は新しい都市化プログラムと不可分になった。高度な技術および人材の採用から既存の最高級医療組織まで、JC Groupは日本との協力を通じて国際基準の診断・治療センターを設立する。それは日本の最高の医療装置、製薬技術を同社独自の新しい都市化プログラムに組み込むとともに、協力を通じて国際的な医療関係者を育成し、訓練する。

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Wei Jie from JC Group Wins the title of "International Medical Friendly Ambassador" at the ICS World Convention


KYOTO, Japan, Oct. 28, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

At the 40th ICS World Convention, ICS (International College of Surgeons),

issued the letter of appointment for "International Medical Friendly

Ambassador," Wei Jie, a Chinese entrepreneur and board chairman of JC Group.

This was the first time for ICS to grant such laurel to an individual.

JC Group signed a friendly cooperation agreement with a cancer research

institute under Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine; and under such

agreement, the parties will commence full cooperation in the cultivation of

medical talents and the introduction of technical equipment. This represents

another campaign of JC Group to further explore the medical field in Japan

after the incorporation of JC Group's Japan Branch.

"I wish that the development of JC in the medical industry would not be limited

to Mainland China, Japan and Hong Kong but radiate over Asia and even could

push forward the development of the medical industry world wide," said Wei Jie.

He also stressed that, JC will continue its new urbanization program.

The ICS World Convention this year was held in Japan, with the theme of

"Heart." It stressed that surgery should not forget the mentality of patients


Wei Jie also plays an important role in the promotion of China exchanging

medical concepts and technology with the international community.

With the deep involvement of JC Group in Japan, the medical field has become an

integral part in its new urbanization program. From the introduction of

advanced technologies and talents to existing high-end medical organization, JC

Group will establish a diagnosis and treatment center of international criteria

through the cooperation with Japan; it will combine the top medical equipment

and pharmaceutical technology of Japan into its own new urbanization program;

and it will also cultivate and train international medical talents through


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Source: JC Group