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2016/12/26 15:40


AsiaNet 66988(1663)

【上海(中国)2016年12月26日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】最新のデータによると、11月末までに6800万枚以上のUnionPay(銀聯)カードが40を超える国と地域で発行され、うち1500万枚は今年になって新たに発行されたものである。香港、マカオ、日本、韓国、東南アジア、一帯一路マーケットは全て主要な発行マーケットだ。今年の1月から11月の間に中国本土で発行されたUnionPay(銀聯)カードの海外での取引数は約50%増加した。

中国のアウトバウンド・ツアーは何年にもわたって発展しており、そして今、インバウンド・ツアーも勢いを増している。中国国家観光局(National Tourism Administration)が発表したデータによると、2016年の最初の6カ月間でインバウンドの旅行者の数は6787万人に達し、前年比で3.8%の増加となった。これはアウトバウンド旅行者よりも884万人多い数である。今年後半のインバウンド旅行者は前年比で4%、あるいはそれ以上増加すると予想されている。

銀聯国際(UnionPay International)の蔡剣波・最高経営責任者(CEO)は「さらに多くの人が中国を訪問する中でUnionPay(銀聯)は新たな機会と課題に直面している。われわれは海外に行く中国の人に支払いの便利さを提供するだけでなく、中国とその他世界の間の個人交流を支援するため、インバウンド旅行者の支払い体験を最適化するよう努力している」と述べた。

銀聯国際(UnionPay International)はいくつかの取り組みを行っている。第1に中国本土を除いたマーケットでUnionPay(銀聯)カードの大規模な発行を促進すること、第2に中国本土の都市で特別なビジネスサークルを作ると共に取引の決済サービスを強化すること、第3に海外で発行されたUnionPay(銀聯)カードに限定オファーと付加価値サービスを提供することである。



ソース:UnionPay International

Over 68 Million UnionPay Cards Have Been Issued Outside Mainland China


SHANGHAI, Dec. 26, 2016 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

     According to the latest data, more than 68 million UnionPay cards have been
issued in over 40 countries and regions by the end of November: 15 million are
newly issued this year. Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia,
and the Belt and Road markets are all major issuing markets. From January to
November this year, the number of transaction of overseas-issued UnionPay cards
in mainland China grew by about 50%.

    China's outbound tourism has been developing rapidly for many years, and
now, inbound tourism is picking up steam. According to the data released by
China's National Tourism Administration, in the first six months of 2016, the
number of inbound tourists reached 67.87 million, growing by 3.8% year-on-year;
that is 8.84 million more than the outbound tourists. It is estimated that the
number of inbound tourists in the second half of this year will mark a
year-on-year growth of 4% or more.

    "With more people visiting China, UnionPay is facing new opportunities and
challenges," CEO of UnionPay International, Cai Jianbo, said. "We not only
provide payment convenience to Chinese people to go abroad, but also endeavor
to optimize inbound tourists' payment experiences to support the personnel
exchanges between China and the rest of the world."

    UnionPay International has taken several measures. Firstly, to promote the
large-scale issuance of UnionPay cards in markets outside mainland China.
Secondly, to build special business circles in mainland cities and to improve
trade settlement services. Thirdly, to offer exclusive offers and value-added
services for overseas-issued UnionPay cards.

    Thanks to UnionPay's extensive acceptance network in mainland China, more
and more customers like to bring UnionPay cards when visiting China. From
January to November, the transaction volume of Korea-issued UnionPay cards in
mainland China grew by about 50%. The transaction volume of UnionPay cards
issued in Pakistan and Nepal grew by about 2 times, and that of UnionPay cards
issued in Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Indonesia and Mauritius also grew by about 50%.

    More exclusive privileges are offered for UnionPay cards issued outside
mainland China. Now, VIP service is offered to UnionPay cardholders at 10
Chinese Visa Application Service Centers in South Korea, Singapore and
Australia. Banks in Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea and Singapore have offered
exclusive cashback for local UnionPay cardholders.

    SOURCE: UnionPay International