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*Union Bancaire Privee(UBP SA、以下UBP)の2016年の一時的項目を除く利益(営業利益)は26.3%の大幅増加だった。純利益はグループ収益力の目覚ましい改善を反映して1億7640万スイスフラン。収入に対する経費の割合は67.9%(2015年末は69.3%)だった。



収入は急増(24.7%増)し、9億3460万スイスフラン。2015年末は7億4970万ドルだった。この増収は主に、特にアジアの営業拡大に伴う金利収入・手数料・委託料の増加と、欧州中東アフリカ地域(EMEA)での堅調な成長によるものだった。営業経費はCoutts Internationalの合併の終了に絡んで6億3470万スイスフラン(22.2%増)となった。


2016年12月31日時点の運用資産総額は1183億スイスフラン。前年度(2015年末は1100億スイスフラン)と比べると7.6%(83億スイスフラン)の増加。これは主にアジア(個人・機関顧客双方の主要成長センター)での資産の増加と、機関顧客からの純資金流入(10億スイスフラン)のためだった。こうした増加は、欧州や中南米といった地域での課税調整による資金流出と、Coutts International顧客の取り込みに伴う調整をほぼ相殺した。



グループの好調な決算が株主資本基盤の拡大と、アジアでのCoutts International買収による影響の相殺を可能にした。その結果、UBPの中核的自己資本(Tier 1)比率は24.3%と引き続き安定し、バーゼルIIIとスイス金融市場監査機構(FINMA)が求める最低水準を大きく上回っている。



▽Union Bancaire Privee(UBP)について

UBPはスイスの大手プライベートバンクで、最上級の資本基盤を維持している。2016年12月31日時点のTier 1比率は24.3%。UBPは個人および機関顧客向けの資産管理を専門とする。ジュネーブに本拠を置くUBPは、世界に24カ所の拠点を持ち、約1665人の従業員を擁する。2016年12月31日時点の運用資産総額は1183億スイスフラン。


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Annual Results 2016 - Union Bancaire Privee Reports a Solid Net Profit of CHF 176.4 million


GENEVA, Jan. 24, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

- Union Bancaire Privee, UBP SA ("UBP") saw profits excluding non-recurring

items (operating income) rise significantly by 26.3%. Net profits reached CHF

176.4 million, demonstrating a marked improvement in the profitability of the

Group, where the cost/income ratio was 67.9% (compared with 69.3% at the end of


- Assets under management reached CHF 118.3 billion, a rise of 7.6% on year end

2015 (CHF 110 billion).

Strong growth

Revenue increased sharply (+24.7%) to CHF 934.6 million, compared with CHF

749.7 million at the end of 2015. This rise was largely due to the increase in

interest income, fees and commissions related to expansion, particularly in

Asia, as well as solid growth in the EMEA region. Operating expenses were CHF

634.7 million (+22.2%) as a result of the completion of the Coutts

International integration.

UBP's operating income rose from CHF 152 million in 2015 to CHF 191.9 million

in 2016. This significant increase is testament to the Bank's continuing

ability to adapt to developments in the industry while, at the same time,

carefully managing its cost base, as demonstrated by its cost/income ratio of

67.9%, compared with 69.3% at the end of 2015. Net profits totalled CHF 176.4


As of 31 December 2016, assets under management were CHF 118.3 billion, up 7.6%

(CHF 8.3 billion) compared to the previous financial year (CHF 110 billion at

the end of 2015). This is mainly due to the increase in assets in Asia -- a

major growth centre for both private and institutional clients -- as well as

net inflows from institutional clients (CHF 1 billion). These increases largely

offset the outflows due to tax regularisations in regions such as Europe and

Latin America, as well as adjustments made following the integration of clients

from Coutts International.  

"The external growth strategy that we have had in place for four years now, and

the major investments we have made in our Asset Management division, are both

bearing fruit. We are well positioned in those markets where we want to grow.

Our ability to adapt, and to offer our clients solutions that meet their needs

locally, are key factors in our success," said Guy de Picciotto, UBP's CEO.

Prudent balance sheet management

The Group's good results have allowed it to increase its equity base and offset

the impact of the purchase of Coutts International in Asia. As a result UBP's

Tier 1 ratio remains stable at 24.3%, well above the minima required by Basel

III and by the FINMA.

The Bank's prudent management of its balance sheet is also reflected in its

short-term liquidity ratio, which, at 262.1%, is more than 2.6 times the

minimum required by Basel III. At the end of 2016, the balance sheet totalled

CHF 30.8 billion.

UBP remains one of the best-capitalised banks in its field and has the

necessary means to develop its wealth management business for both private and

institutional clients.

About Union Bancaire Privee (UBP)

UBP is one of Switzerland's leading private banks, and is among the

best-capitalised, with a Tier I ratio of 24.3% as at 31 December 2016. The Bank

is specialised in the field of wealth management for both private and

institutional clients. It is based in Geneva and employs around 1,665 people in

some twenty-four locations worldwide; it held CHF 118.3 billion in assets under

management as at 31 December 2016.


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