PetroSaudi Internationalが英控訴院で勝訴

PetroSaudi International

2017/1/31 13:45

PetroSaudi Internationalが英控訴院で勝訴

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【ロンドン2017年1月31日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】英国控訴院はPetroSaudi勝訴の判決を下し、スタンドバイ信用状に記された金額の全額を同社へ支払うよう命じた。



PetroSaudiは2009年、ベネズエラ国営石油・天然ガス会社Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA)と石油掘削契約を締結した。判決が「ベネズエラの未発達の決済の歴史」と表現する状況に照らして、PDVSAからの支払いを確保するため、別個のスタンドバイ信任状を取り付けた。スタンドバイ信任状の商業目的は、支払い金額に対立が生じ、あるいは契約相手が支払い不能になった場合でも、受益者(この場合PetroSaudi)が主契約で定められた金額を信用力のある銀行から支払いを受けられること。ベネズエラのような支払いリスクが高い国では、信用状の取り付けは標準的な商行為である。


Clyde & Coのパートナーでこの事案の主任弁護士を務めるデービッド・ベネット氏は「判決は間違いなく、PetroSaudi Internationalとその弁護団の行為と一貫性、専門性を強く支持している」と述べた。



PETROSAUDI INTERNATIONALは株式非公開の石油探査・生産会社。英国とサウジアラビア、スイスにメインオフィスを置く。サウジアラビアの事業家タレク・オバイド氏が2005年に創設した。PetroSaudiは世界中で石油とガスのプロジェクトに携わっている。

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PetroSaudi International Cleared by Court of Appeal


LONDON, Jan. 31, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

     The Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of PetroSaudi ordering full

payment of sums owing to them under a standby letter of credit.



    The judgment by the Court of Appeal overruled the High Court's previous

decision that the signatory was fraudulent in their representation of law.

Christopher Clarke LJ who was presiding over the appeal held that the

signatory's understanding not only was "not fraudulent in any sense" and  was

in fact "the same conclusion as I have reached" and "consistent with commercial

good sense."

    In 2009, PetroSaudi entered into a drilling contract with Petroleos de

Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), the Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas

company. In light of what the judgment describes as "Venezuela's dilatory

payment history," an autonomous standby letter of credit was procured to

provide security for payments from PDVSA. The commercial purpose of a standby

letter of credit is to ensure the beneficiary - in this case, PetroSaudi - can

obtain payment of sums due under a principal contract from a creditworthy bank,

regardless of whether those sums are disputed or whether the counterparty is

unable to pay. In countries with strong payment risk such as Venezuela,

procurement of a letter of credit is standard business practice.

    PetroSaudi subsequently conducted drilling services for PDVSA totaling US

$129 million. The agreed credit period elapsed without payment of any of the

invoices and the dispute over payment was then referred to arbitration.

    David Bennet, Partner at Clyde & Co and lead lawyer on the case said:

"Clearly the decision strongly supports the conduct, integrity and

professionalism of PetroSaudi International and its General Council."

    The final ruling found the payment under the letter of credit had been

wrongly restrained and the appellant (PetroSaudi) was entitled to full payment

from the issuing bank.


    PetroSaudi International is a privately owned oil exploration and

production company with its main offices in the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia

and Switzerland. Founded in 2005 by Saudi Arabian businessman Tarek Obaid,

PetroSaudi is involved worldwide in oil and gas projects.

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