CISAC (著作権協会国際連合)

2017/2/23 11:16


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東京(日本)、2017年2月23日/PRニュースワイヤー/ --


今週末、東京のあるイベントに日本の著名な芸術家と研究者、そして世界および日本で著作者を代表する組織が集結し、視覚芸術家のための追及権創設への支持を表明する。 )

このシンポジウム「日本における追及権制度導入への道のり」は、早稲田大学知的財産法制研究所(RCLIP:Research Center for Legal Studies for Intellectual Property)主催、CISAC共催で行われ、オークションハウスやギャラリーが作品を販売した際の収益がアーティストに分配されるという追及権の導入に向けた国際的な気運の高まりの第一歩となるとみられる。






CISAC(International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers:著作権協会国際連合)は、世界をリードする作家協会のネットワークです。(また、集中管理団体(CMO:Collective Management Organisations)と称されることもあります。)



Leading Visual Artists and Academics Join CISAC to Promote Resale Right in Japan


TOKYO, Feb. 23, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


    A landmark conference in Tokyo highlights growing support internationally

for the right, now adopted in more than 80 countries  

    An event in Tokyo this week brings together some of Japan's most prominent

visual artists and academics, and the organisations representing creators

globally and in Japan, in a landmark show of support for the resale royalty

right for visual artists.

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    The conference, hosted by Waseda University Research Center for Legal

Studies for Intellectual Property (RCLIP) and co-hosted by CISAC, will

highlight the growing international momentum for adoption of the right, which

gives artists a share in the proceeds of the sale of their works by auction

houses and galleries.  

    Japan's copyright experts will outline a proposed draft law prepared by

Waseda that would introduce the right in Japan.

    A CISAC delegation is also presenting the case for Japan's adoption of the

right to the government, at a meeting with the Commissioner of the Agency for

Cultural Affairs. Japan, home to a world-leading cultural sector and with an

important influence internationally, is one of a small number of major art

markets where the right is not yet implemented.

    Gadi Oron, Director-General of CISAC, said:  "The events in Japan this week

are important signs of the growing international momentum towards adoption of

the resale right. More than 80 countries have adopted the right so far, helped

by a steady raising of awareness of its vital importance to artists. Apart from

its legal justifications, the resale right brings fairness, respect to

creators, economic benefits and transparency to the art market. That is why

there is such strong support for it from the artist community and from a

growing list of governments around the world".  

    The visual artists' resale right ensures that creators receive a percentage

of the resale price when their works of art are resold by an auction house or

an art gallery.  It plays a significant role in allowing artists to derive a

fair return from their work. In the countries where the right exists, it helps

generate total royalty collections of some US$50 million globally for artists,

amounting to 25% of total global visual arts collections, according to CISAC's

recent collections report published in November 2016.  

    About CISAC

    CISAC - the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and

Composers - is the world's leading network of authors' societies (also referred

to as Collective Management Organisations, or CMOs).