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2017/3/31 15:47


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重要事項である「満開、花の都市広州」と題した広州の新しいプロモーションビデオが28日1つの重要アジェンダとして、Guangzhou Annual International Investment Conference 2017(2017年広州国際投資年次総会)の開幕式典を飾った。





この5分間のビデオは、広東朝茶、花市の水のショー、広繍(GuangXiu)と呼ばれる嶺南の伝統刺繍など馴染みのある「古き広州」の一連の画像を通して視聴者に非常に歴史的で住みやすい広州を紹介する一方、ランドマークの広州塔(Canton Tower)を囲む新しいCBD、世界最大の交易会の会場となるCanton Fair Complex、自動運転スーパー・スポーツコンセプトカーの世界初モデルなどの真新しいトレードマークの数々を披露する。これらすべては、広州が国際的で競争力のある革新的な都市として急速に成長し、「国家中心城市」として世界経済への融合を渇望していることを示す。

プロモーションビデオはGuangzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Bureau(共産党広州市委員会宣伝部)と新華社通信が作成した。Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Bureauは「このビデオの見どころの1つは、花という主題だ。広東語で花は『Fa』と発音され、この音は中国語で『豊かになる』という意味も持つ。このように、広州は共栄というビジョンを持ち、誰もがこの都市で発展し進歩することを意味する『世界の花の都市』となることを望んでいる」としている。

Guangzhou Annual International Investment Conference 2017は28日、広州白雲国際会議センターで開催された。有名企業、金融機関、科学研究機関や在広州の各国外交官が参加し「花の都市」を称えた。

ソース:Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Bureau and Foreign Affairs Office

Brand-new Promo Film of Guangzhou Titled “Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom” Debut on Guangzhou Annual International Investment Conference 2017


GUANGZHOU, China, Mar. 29, 2017 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--

As an important agenda, the brand-new promo video of Guangzhou named

“Guangzhou, Flower City in Bloom” made its debut on the opening ceremony of

“Guangzhou Annual International Investment Conference 2017” on March 28th.

In this aesthetic and visual-impacted video, Guangzhou is presented to the

world its blended image of an international city, a high-tech city and an

artistic city, in order to show its niceness of environment and life here,

which also shows to the world the image of China.

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News Release:


Guangzhou is the birthplace of “marine silk road” as well as the opening port

of China to the world. For more than 2,200 years, Guangzhou is the only Chinese

trade port that never closed its door to foreign trade, earning itself the

reputation of “trade center for thousands of years”. It is also known as

“flower city”, which represents its city spirit and image of

“environmental-friendly, dynamic, open, comprehensive, and amicable”. This

video is to tell that Guangzhou is blooming all seasons through the year and

blossoming into an energetic modern commercial city and international hub.  

Through a series of familiar pictures of “old Guangzhou”, such as Cantonese

morning tea, aqua show of flower fair and Lingnan traditional embroidery named

“GuangXiu”, the 5-minutes video brings to the audience a very historical and

livable Guangzhou. Meanwhile, through a series of brand-new trademarks, such as

the city’s new CBD surrounding the landmark building Canton Tower, the Canton

Fair Complex hosting the world’s largest trade fair, the world’s first model of

self-driving super sports concept car, etc. All these demonstrate that

Guangzhou has grown rapidly as an internationalized, competitive, innovative

city and the desire to immerge into the world economy as “national central

city” .

The promo film is produced by Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity

Bureau and Xinhua news agency. “One of the lightspots of this film is the main

theme of ‘flower’. In Cantonese, ‘flower’ is pronounced like ‘Fa’, which also

means getting rich in Chinese. Therefore, Guangzhou wants to be a ‘flower city

for the world’ that it has the perspective of common prosperity and implies

that everyone would develop and progress in this city.” introduced by the

Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Bureau.

On March 28th, Guangzhou Annual International Investment Conference 2017 was

held in Baiyun International Conference Center in Guangzhou. Well-known

enterprises, financing institutions, scientific research institutions and

officers from the foreign embassies in Guangzhou were gathering in Guangzhou

and gave a high praise of “Flower city”.

Source: Guangzhou Municipal Party Committee Publicity Bureau and Foreign

Affairs Office