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【ロンドン2017年5月15日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】世界初のモバイル決済ネットワーク企業のTerraPayは15日、サハラ以南アフリカ諸国での国際送金でフロスト&サリバンVisionary Innovation Leadership Awardを受賞したと発表した。

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フロスト&サリバンのVisionary Innovation Leadership Awardは、個人や企業の日常活動・業務のやり方を変革する高い競争力のある製品やソリューションを提供する能力のある企業を表彰する。TerraPayはモバイルベースの国際送金市場における優れた総合的業績に基づいて受賞した。Visionary Innovation Leadership Awardはフロスト&サリバンの複数のアナリストが単独でTerraPayを2つの重要な要素、未来志向とベストプラクティスの実践に焦点を当てて評価した。


Sundeep Mehta



TerraPay Receives the 2017 Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for International Remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa


LONDON, May 15, 2017/PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

TerraPay, the world's first mobile payments switch, announced today that it has

received the Frost & Sullivan Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for

international remittances in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The remittances market is relatively underdeveloped in Africa due to the high

transaction fees and the limited presence of mainstream money transfer service

providers in rural areas. Integrating remittance payment networks with the

mobile money operators yields twin advantages of pervasiveness and

cost-efficiency, amplifying the flow of remittances via regulated channels.

TerraPay, as a mobile payment switch, provides global transaction processing,

clearing, and settlement services for mobile wallets. It is a visionary company

that developed an interoperability engine enabling customers to send and

receive real-time transactions across diverse payment instruments, platforms,

and regions. TerraPay's business model encompasses what Frost & Sullivan

describes as a value-for-many in its platform design, and the company is

successfully carving a market for itself in clearing and settlements within the

global remittances ecosystem.

According to Ambar Sur, Founder and CEO of TerraPay, "Success of any

interoperability platform depends on generating strong network effects.

Financial instruments via a single agreement with TerraPay can plug into the

central platform to accept payments from almost any international payments

service provider in the world. We have acquired licenses across Europe and

Sub-Saharan Africa. TerraPay has interconnected several countries across Europe

to all major mobile wallets in Tanzania and Nigeria and is continuing global

expansion at a rapid rate. This award further strengthens our belief to provide

millions of people across the globe with an alternative to a cash-based


Congratulating TerraPay on the award, Fadzai Deda, Best Practices Research

Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said, "TerraPay transforms the traditional

remittance model by absolving all administrative tasks for its customers -

offering an elegant but simply designed platform that is user agnostic for the

value of many."

The Frost & Sullivan Visionary Leadership Award recognizes companies for their

ability to deliver highly competitive products and solutions that transform the

way individuals and businesses perform their daily activities. TerraPay

clinches the award based on its strong overall performance in mobile-based

international remittances market. For the Visionary Innovation Leadership

Award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluated TerraPay on two key

factors - focus on the future and best practices implementation.


Sundeep Mehta


Source- TerraPay