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全く新しいIDTechEXリサーチレポートElectric Buses 2018-2038 ( )は、ハイブリッドバスおよび電気バスを取り上げ、多くの場合新しい形で五千億ドル規模の巨大市場に成長すると予測しています。テスラ等の電気自動車メーカーの世界大手15社の大半がバスを現在製造しているか、あるいは近く製造する予定です。このレポートは、バスの需要が急激に伸びている理由として都市人口の増加、汚染および自家用車利用の法規制などを調査しています。

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今、バス業界は急激に変化しており、Electric Buses 2018-2038 ( )の中での新しい詳細なインフォグラフィックを使用した10年間の予想は、新規参入者に向けてこの市場における多くのギャップを明らかにしながら、それらすべてを解明しています。





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Electric Buses Powering up to be a Massive $500 Billion Market Predicts IDTechEx


BOSTON, July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

    The totally new IDTechEx Research report Electric Buses 2018-2038

[ ] is about hybrid and pure electric buses,

often in many new forms, powering up to be a massive $500 billion market. Most

of the top 15 EV manufacturers in the world make, or will soon make buses,

including Tesla. The causes of the growing boom in bus purchases are examined

in this report, such as increasing city populations and the legal control of

pollution and private car usage.

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    Significant new developments include reinvention of buses in format and

function with small buses gaining favour and seeing the most radical changes

first such as autonomy and multi-functionality between car, taxi and bus. Bus

Rapid Transit is getting more popular and at least 500,000 school buses are

going to be pure electric to prevent pollution deaths and save a lot of money.

    The world of buses is changing rapidly now and detailed new infograms and

ten year forecasts in Electric Buses 2018-2038 [

] make sense of it all, revealing many gaps in the market for new entrants.

    A detailed 20 year technology roadmap predicts the radical change in most

electrical and electronic parts in buses - a huge opportunity for parts

suppliers with the old Tier One Supplier system breaking down.

    There is a large chapter on China because most of the world's buses are

made and used there and this will not change. Indeed, the Chinese have the most

ambitious rollout of bus production across the world and the most radical

innovations in many cases.

    In a world where the bus and its technology are being completely reinvented

into a multitude of forms, IDTechEx keeps visiting companies and conferences

from Poland to Canada and Japan to get the latest situation. Its approach is

creative and benchmarks other industries.

    Only IDTechEx Research has this depth of understanding and ability to

reveal new opportunities providing detailed numbers and assessments. It is a

unique and essential reference book for everyone intending to participate in

the reinvented bus value chain.

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