Sono Motorsがソーラーカー「Sion」をミュンヘンで初披露

Sono Motors GmbH

2017/7/27 16:20

Sono Motorsがソーラーカー「Sion」をミュンヘンで初披露

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【ミュンヘン2017年7月27日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】スタートアップのSono Motorsは発表イベントで、同社のソーラーカー・Sionを披露した。このイベントには政界、業界、メディアから700人以上のゲストが招待された。



Sono Motorsによると、「biSono」システム(「bi-directional」にちなむ)も重要な特徴である。biSonoシステムによって車両のバッテリーは充電されるだけでなく電力を供給することも可能で、これによりSionは移動する発電ステーションになっている。出力は6.6キロワットで、他の電気自動車を充電することさえできる。

Sono Motorsは、モビリティーの将来は多様なシェアリングの選択肢であると予想している。そのためSionにはパワーシェアリング、カーシェアリング、ライドシェアといった3つの異なるモビリティーサービス機能を備えている。


Sono Motorsは発表イベントの後、西欧を走り抜くテストドライブのツアーを開始する予定だ。6カ国、12都市でイベントが行われ、ツアーは8月18日にミュンヘンを出発する。

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Sono Motors is Presenting the Solar Car "Sion" in Munich for the First Time


MUNICH, July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

    During their release event, the startup Sono Motors presented its solar car

Sion. More than 700 guests from politics, industry and the press were invited.

    The Sion has a range of 250km and retails at 16,000 EUR, without battery.

The battery can either be purchased in a one-time transaction of less than

4,000 EUR, or at a monthly rent. Due to the comparatively low price, the car is

intended to make electro mobility suitable for everyday use. Due to its special

features, the Sion is particularly appealing to families and urban commuters.

    Special is also the self-charging system, called viSono (from "Vision").

Through integrated solar cells, electricity is generated and charged into the

battery, reaching up to 30 free kilometers per day.

    According to the company, the "biSono" system (from "bi-directional") is

another important feature. It allows the vehicle's battery not only to be

charged, but also supply energy, making the Sion a mobile power-station. With

an output of 6.6 kW, even other electric cars can be charged.

    Sono Motors sees the future of mobility in various sharing options. The

Sion will therefore be equipped with three different mobility-services:

powerSharing, carSharing and rideSharing.

    Via a smart phone app, car rides and electricity can be offered to other

users. In addition, it is possible to lend the Sion to other users, for a

certain time period.

    After the release event, Sono Motors will start a test drive tour through

Western Europe. Events will take place in 12 cities and 6 countries. The tour

will start on the 18th of August in Munich.

    Pictures will be available at 23:00 GMT Amsterdam, Berlin under:



    Navina Pernsteiner  

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SOURCE: Sono Motors GmbH