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2017/7/31 14:26


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ヌアイミ氏は、UAEがUAE海事週間、ドバイ海事週間、ドバイ海事サミット、Abu Dhabi Summit of Global Marine and Maritime Leaders(世界海洋海事リーダー・アブダビサミット)、International Fujairah Bunkering and Fuel Oil Forum(国際フジャイラ・バンカリング・燃料油フォーラム)などの著名な海事イベントや会議を主催することにより、海事部門での有数の地位を固めてきたと指摘した。

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Federal Transport Authority - Land & Maritime Organizes Conference for International Maritime Organization Members


DUBAI, UAE, July 31, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


             IMO Secretary-General meets Al Nuaimi and lauds UAE marine sector

    H.E. Dr. Abdullah Belheif Al Nuaimi, Minister of Infrastructure Development

and Chairman of the FTA, chaired the delegation participating in the meetings

of the General Committee of the International Maritime Organization, which will

continue until July 28, 2017, to discuss the most important issues related to

the maritime sector. In the meeting, Al Nuaimi showcased the UAE's proven

contributions to the global maritime industry, including the country's

achievements in maritime infrastructure. The UAE boasts of 20 leading

world-class ports, a majority of which are among the top 10 international ports


terms of advanced transport and maritime shipping infrastructure.

    H.E. noted that the UAE has solidified its leading maritime position by

hosting well-known maritime-related events and conferences, including UAE

Maritime Week, Dubai Maritime Week, Dubai Maritime Summit, Abu Dhabi Summit of

Global Marine and Maritime Leaders, International Fujairah Bunkering and Fuel

Oil Forum, among others.

    (Photo: http://mma.prnewswire.com/media/540395/FTA_Meeting.jpg

    H.E. shared that the country's highly competitive advantages have

positioned it alongside the world's most prominent and leading countries with

best-in-class maritime industries. He explained that the local maritime

sector's steady growth is the result of the UAE Government's relentless

improvement efforts.

    "For all these reasons, we stress that the candidacy and winning the

nomination to the Council Membership is the UAE's fundamental and inalienable

right. To prove its eligibility even more, the country will continue to

implement initiatives that will ensure international maritime success, maintain

its leadership, and promote greater regional growth.  We will strive harder

under the guidance of our forward-looking leaders, leveraging our vast

experiences to succeed in our goal," concluded H.E.

    H.E. Abdullah Al-Nuaimi was also able to meet with Kitack Lim, Secretary

General of the IMO. H.E. shared the role of the UAE in improving the  

international maritime system and boosting the growth of international maritime

trade. In response, Lim praised the unique features of the maritime sector in

the UAE and the important role it plays in supporting the global maritime


    The UAE delegation hosted a coordination meeting in London with member

states of the IMO wherein a special presentation on the UAE's candidacy for the

council was made. The members are scheduled to be elected at the 30th Ordinary

General Assembly meeting between November 24 and December 5.

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