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【南京(中国)2017年11月15日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】

中国の巨大小売企業Suning Holdings Group(以下「Suning」ないし「グループ」)が保有するフォーチュン・グローバル500社企業のSuning Commerce Groupは、中国で年間最大のショッピングの祭典「11/11ショッピング・フェスティバル(「独身の日」ないし「フェスティバル)」の期間にオムニチャネルで163%の増収を達成し、過去最高記録を樹立した。


Suning Holdings Groupのジャン・ジンドン会長は「この販売結果に非常に満足している。当社はショッピング体験でオンラインとオフラインを融合する『スマート・リテール』モデルを展開し続けているが、今回は画期的な成功となった。フェスティバル期間の成功は、無人店舗や物流ロボット『Biu』、AGV(無人搬送車)倉庫など、小売りセクターでの最近のわれわれのイノベーションの有効性も示している」と述べた。

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*自動物流ソリューション - 在庫棚の周りを動くロボット200台を装備した上海にあるSuningのAGV倉庫は、従来の「人を物へ」動かす方式ではなく「物を人へ」引き渡すことで、業務効率を向上させる。品物の選別にかかる時間は10秒に短縮され、人手による作業より効率は5倍になった。

*「Biu」配送ロボット - Suningは独身の日に南京で初の人工知能(AI)配送ロボットの「Biu」を配備し、近くのSuningコンビニから顧客の家へ品物を配送した。配送時間はわずか3分だった。

*電子機器と家電 - 高級家電製品の売れ行きが良かった。Suningは独身の日にどの業者よりiPhoneの販売が多かった。家電分野では業界での消費高級化が顕著に見られた。洗濯機の販売では大型ドラム式洗濯機の販売が75%を占め、空気清浄機の売上高は300%増加した。

*新しい無人店舗4店をオープン - Suningは中国国内で「Suning Biu」キャッシャーレス店舗を新たに4店開設し、オフライン販売を刷新して、よりユニークなショッピング体験を求める顧客の要望に応えている。


▽Suning Holdings Groupについて
1990年に創業したSuningは中国の大手商業企業。従業員は18万人で、中国と日本の上場企業2社を抱える。Suningは数十年にわたる成長と変革を通じて、6つの業界でビジネスプレゼンスを確立した。Suningは2017年、中国の非国有企業のトップ500社リストで2位になり、Suning Commerceは同社の歴史で初めて、Suning Holdings Groupの下で2017年のフォーチュン・グローバル500社入りした。


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Suning Hits US$15 Million In Sales In First Seconds of Singles Day


NANJING, China, Nov. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

- Event Marks First Use of AI-powered Robots to Deliver Goods

Suning Commerce Group, a Fortune Global 500 company owned by Suning Holdings
Group ("Suning" or "the Group"), a commercial bellwether in China, set a new
sales record during the country's largest annual shopping spree, the "11/11
Shopping Festival" ("Singles Day" or "the Festival"), achieving 163% growth
across its Omni-channels.

Suning's own "O2O (Online-to-offline) Shopping Festival", which lasted 11 days
from November 1 to November 11, saw the most significant spike in sales, thanks
to the Group's recently rolled-out "Smart Retail" strategy. Online retail sales
set a record with year-on-year growth of 227%, while offline sales achieved
168% growth, with both channels serving 1.96 million customers in total.

"We're very pleased with the sales result," said Zhang Jindong, Chairman of
Suning Holdings Group. "It's a landmark achievement as we continue to develop
our 'Smart Retail' model, which merges the online and offline shopping
experience. Our success during the Festival is also a validation of our recent
innovations in the retail sector, such as our unmanned stores, logistic robot
'Biu' and AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) warehouses."

Photo -
Suning’s AGV warehouse in Shanghai came into service during the festival

As Suning has implemented its Smart Retail strategy, the company has also
rolled out more innovative products and solutions to accommodate the large
volume of orders during the Festival, which helped to drive sales themselves.
Highlights include:

Automated logistics solutions -- Equipped with 200 robots that are able to move
around the stocking shelves, Suning's Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) warehouse
in Shanghai helps make fulfillment more efficient by providing a
"goods-to-people" solution instead of the traditional "people-to-goods" model.
The time spent selecting an item has been shortened to 10 seconds - five times
more efficient than manual work.

"Biu" delivery robots -- Suning deployed its first AI-powered delivery robot,
"Biu", in Nanjing on Singles' Day to deliver items from a neighborhood Suning
convenient store to a consumer's home, a process that took only three minutes.

Electronics and home appliances -- High-end home electronics and appliances
performed well. Suning recorded the most iPhone sales of any vendor on Singles
Day. Also, in the home appliances category, Suning saw the obvious consumption
upgrading in the industry. Sales of large-volume roller washing machines took
up 75% of laundry machine sales, while sales of air purifiers increased 300%.

Opened four new unmanned stores -- Suning opened four more "Suning Biu"
cashier-less stores across the country to innovate the offline shopping and
meet customers' demand for more unique shopping experiences.

"Providing a great user experience is what Suning cares about most," said
Zhang. "Robust logistics capabilities and cutting-edge IT is required to
accommodate the incredible volume of orders. It's our goal to ensure consumers
a frictionless shopping experience. Also, we're leading the industry as rolling
out more AGV warehouses, Suning unmanned stores and delivery robots as part of
our 'Smart Retail' plan."

About Suning Holdings Group

Founded in 1990, Suning is one of the leading commercial enterprises in China
with 180,000 employees and two listed companies in China and Japan. Through
decades of growth and transformation, Suning has established a business
presence in six industries. In 2017, Suning was ranked second on the list of
China's top 500 non-state owned enterprises, and for the first time in
corporate history, Suning Commerce, under Suning Holdings Group, was named to
the 2017 list of the Fortune Global 500.

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