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大きな季節的行事、夏のCirque NouveauとWinter Wonderlandは多くの入場者にとって恒例の定期行事になった。2年目となった夏のフェスティバルには34万人が訪れた。この冬(12月1日から1月7日)は49万人以上がAutostadtに入場した。夏、冬の行事に加え、AutostadtのMovimentos Festivalはほとんど満員(収容能力の94%)だった。教育プログラムは参加者が初めて50万人を超えた。連邦教育・研究省とドイツ・ユネスコ委員会はAutostadtの教育プログラムを表彰した。




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Autostadt Completes Successful Year in 2017 with a Record Number of Visitors in a Single Month


WOLFSBURG, Germany, January 18, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-2.22 million visitors in 2017, December sets new visitor record since opening

in 2000  

-142,770 vehicle deliveries in 2017  

-Summer and winter programmes attract enthusiastic visitors in the hundreds of


-UNESCO presents award for Autostadt educational curriculum   

For the first time in Autostadt history, the Volkswagen Group communication

platform attracted more than 400,000 visitors in a single month. According to

Autostadt CEO Roland Clement: "The end of the year with 405,000 guests in

December alone was a great success and a fantastic end to a successful year for

the Autostadt." Together with Claudius Colsman, the former Porsche manager took

over the Autostadt in September 2017 from Otto F. Wachs. In total, 2.22 million

guests visited the theme park in 2017, slightly exceeding the previous year's

figure of 2.2 million. The Autostadt reconfirmed its position as the leading

automotive destination in 2017 with 142,770 vehicles delivered to customers.

The total market share of all Volkswagen cars delivered to customers in Germany

in 2017 remained stable at 24.9 %.

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The big seasonal events, Cirque Nouveau in summer and Winter Wonderland, have

become permanent fixtures for many visitors. In its second year, the summer

festival attracted 340,000 visitors. This winter, more than 490,000 people

visited the Autostadt (from 1 December to 7 January). Along with the summer and

winter events, the Movimentos Festival presented by the Autostadt was nearly

sold out (94% occupancy rate). The educational programmes reached more than

500,000 participants for the first time. The Federal Ministry of Education and

Research, together with the German UNESCO Commission, presented awards for the

Autostadt educational programmes.

According to Autostadt CEO, Roland Clement: "Here in the Autostadt Claudius

Colsman and I have taken on one of the most exciting tasks in the Volkswagen

Group. We would like to express our thanks to Otto F. Wachs, who developed this

place into the world's leading automotive platform. Together with a highly

motivated team, we now have the opportunity to take the Autostadt to the next

phase in order to strengthen the presentation of current and future themes to

our guests at this unique location."

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