Shaanxi Free Trade Zone High Tech Area

2018/4/11 17:32


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【西安(中国)2018年4月10日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】西安ハイテク産業開発区内にあるShaanxi Free Trade Zone High Tech Area(陝西自由貿易区ハイテク地区)は運用初年度に8716件のプロジェクトの収穫があり、フォーチュン世界500社番付の112社が事務所を開設、205企業または系列企業が登録した。その結果、1億米ドルを超える外国投資を含めて1445億6000万人民元の新規登録資本が集まり、陝西地区を成長の重要な原動力、外国・地元企業を引き付ける強力な誘因とした。






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Shaanxi Free Trade Zone High Tech Area(陝西自由貿易区ハイテク地区)は2017年4月1日、陝西自由貿易試験区運営組織の下に西安ハイテク産業開発区内で公式に発足した。目的は中国中央部の陝西省の開放ハブとして、地域経済成長をけん引し、地域内の国際貿易発展を促進することである。

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Shaanxi Free Trade Zone High Tech Area Launches Over 8,700 Projects In First Year


XI'AN, China, April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

The Shaanxi Free Trade Zone High Tech Area, located within the Xi'an Hi-Tech

Industries Development Zone, has harvested a bumper crop of 8,716 projects,

facilitated the opening of offices for 112 Global Fortune 500 companies and

registered 205 entities or subsidiaries in its first year of operation. The

resulting RMB144.56 billion of newly-registered capital, including over US$100  

million from foreign investors, has established the Shaanxi Area as a key

driver of growth and a powerful magnet for foreign and local companies.

The Zone is China's first industrial development zone to offer services seven

days a week, and it launched a pilot scheme in the province to consolidate

central and local government taxes. The Zone was established under a series of

policies aimed at cutting regulatory red tape, boosting efficiency and

promoting the Shaanxi Area as an ideal investment destination. Its success

during its first year affirms that it has drastically streamlined business

registration procedures, such as identifying a list of 465 items which now only

require a single visit to government agencies before receiving a regulatory

green light.

"The Xi'an High Tech Industries Development Zone is an economic engine to boost

regional tech-driven business which also benefits from the Belt & Road

Initiative strategy," Hongjiang Zhong, a member of the Standing Committee of

Xi'an, and the Party Committee Secretary of the Xi'an High Tech Industries

Development Zone said, "we embrace great historical opportunities to bring more

policy convenience for all the tech projects in the area."

Highlighting its support to the businesses within it, the Shaanxi Area has

allocated RMB2 billion (US$319.48 million) worth of capital in the last year to

fund entrepreneurship and has set up a RMB20 billion (US$3.19 billion) fund to

guide investments into strategic emerging industries in a bid to foster

businesses potentially worth hundreds of billions of yuan.

The Zone provides around-the-clock, integrated customs clearance services. For

integrated circuit (IC) products developed by companies, the time needed for

clearance has been slashed to less than three hours, from nearly three working

days, representing a 95 percent boost in efficiency.

The Zone also provides businesses with strong financial support, having set up

an advanced service platform with powerful data-sharing, credit profiling and

credit assessment functions. For example, the Zone has teamed up with the

Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the Shaanxi Equity Exchange to set up an online

roadshow platform that connects China's 3,200 institutions and over 8,000


For more information: http://www.xdz.gov.cn/gxzx/sy.htm.

Shaanxi Free Trade Zone High Tech Area

Shaanxi Free Trade Zone High Tech Area officially launched within Xi'an

High-Tech Industries Development Zone on April 1, 2017 under the administration

of the Shaanxi Pilot Free Trade Zone. Its purpose is to serve as a hub for the

opening of China's central province of Shaanxi, driving regional economic

growth and facilitating the development of international trade within the


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