Hainan Province Foreign Investment Promotion Event

2018/9/12 16:13


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【北京(中国)2018年9月11日新華社=共同通信JBN】9月6日、海南省は北京でForeign Investment Promotion Event and Signing Ceremony(海外投資促進イベントおよび調印式)を開催し、36名の海外の投資家を呼び寄せた。海南はPWC、デロイト、英国のハロー校、Temasekやその他有名企業によって資金の提供を受けた26の海外投資計画を確保した。これらの計画には観光、文化、環境保護、農業、医療、集会と展示会、物流、その他の分野が関わった。





海南のあらゆる点で改革開放深化の要件に沿って政府の作業機構を確立することを狙い、海南省はこのほど15のMeasures to Enhance Governmental Executive Ability(政府の経営能力強化対策)を公表した。高レベルの投資の自由化および円滑化を実行し、制定前の内国民待遇システムおよび海外投資のネガティブリスト管理を遂行するため、Hainan Development and Reform Commission(海南開発改革委員会)は最近Guideline for Foreign Investment Projects Approval and Filing Services(海外投資計画承認およびファイリングサービスに対する指針)をまとめ、遂行した。これで海外投資計画承認とファイリングの権限を直轄市と県に委譲した。一連の投資促進対策は、改革開放を推進しようという海南の固い決意を示し、また、海外の投資家に安心感を与える。

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Hainan Abounds with Opportunities, with 26 Foreign Investment Projects Secured


BEIJING, China, Sept. 11, 2018 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--

On September 6, Hainan Province held Foreign Investment Promotion Event and
Signing Ceremony in Beijing, attracting 36 foreign investors. Hainan secured 26
foreign investment projects, funded by PWC, Deloitte, Harrow School of the UK,
Temasek, and other famous enterprises. These projects involved tourism,
culture, environmental protection, agriculture, medical care, convention and
exhibition, logistics, and other fields.

At the event, foreign businessmen generally believed that Hainan offers
enormous opportunities. Many attendees said that their enterprises would settle
down in Hainan.

Ben Duncan, President of CBRE's North Asia and CEO of Greater China, said, "We
believe that Hainan enjoys strong foundation and unique advantages, especially
in tourism resources, and convention and exhibition resources. We also believe
that in the future, Hainan will offer many construction opportunities as a free
trade port."

Julie Laulusa, Executive Partner of Mazars (Mainland of China) believed, "The
rise of Hainan in China, or its growing into a world-class free trade zone, is
just a matter of time. That's why we choose to enter Hainan now."

In April this year, China declared that it will support the whole Hainan Island
to build a pilot free trade zone, and to explore its way in the construction of
a free trade port with Chinese characteristics steadily. Overnight, Hainan
became a much-focused land among investors. Since May, Hainan has issued series
of policies and measures to promote investment, such as "attracting investment
in 100 days", further improving business environment, and others. As such, the
island has gathered pace in investment promotion.

Lately, Hainan Province unveiled the 15 Measures to Enhance Governmental
Executive Ability, aiming to establish a government working mechanism in line
with the requirements of deepening reform and opening-up in all respects in
Hainan. In order to implement a high-level investment liberalization and
facilitation policy, and to carry out a system of pre-establishment national
treatment and negative list management on foreign investment, Hainan
Development and Reform Commission recently compiled and carried out the
Guideline for Foreign Investment Projects Approval and Filing Services, which
delegated the power of foreign investment projects approval and filing to
municipalities and counties. The series of investment promotion measures show
the determination of Hainan in pushing for reform and opening up, and also
reassure foreign investors.

Source: Hainan Province Foreign Investment Promotion Event