Season Gets under Way for Catching “Echizen Gani,” Leading Japanese Brand-name...

Fukui Prefecture

2018/11/7 14:00

FUKUI, Japan, Nov. 7, 2018 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Fukui Prefectural Government

Season Gets under Way for Catching “Echizen Gani,” Leading Japanese Brand-name Crab Species Caught off Fukui Prefecture

The season for catching “Echizen Gani” (crabs) got under way on November 6 in the Sea of Japan off Fukui Prefecture. Echizen Gani, so called after the Echizen Coast in the prefecture, are the most treasured brand-name “zuwai gani” (snow crabs) and the only crab species presented to the Imperial Family.


Since Echizen Gani are stored at a cool temperature from their catch to landing, they stay fresh and the quality of their meat is extraordinarily high. Moreover, their “kanimiso” (brown meat), miso-like paste found in their intestinal areas, as well as their ovary, which tend to quickly lose freshness, can keep their rich taste thanks to the method of storing them.

Echizen Gani have yellow tags attached that certify their origin, and can be easily distinguished from other kinds of snow crabs. Echizen Gani became the first zuwai gani variety to be registered with the protected geographical indication system (GI) on September 27, 2018.


As the Echizen Gani-catching season gets under way on November 6 every year, a large number of tourists, including those from abroad, visit Fukui Prefecture to enjoy Echizen Gani, called the "king of delicious winter food." The Echizen Gani season lasts until March 20.

Do visit Fukui Prefecture to taste Echizen Gani, a local specialty.



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