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【海口(中国)2018年12月20日新華社=共同通信JBN】5日間開催された2018 China(Hainan)International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Trade Fair(中国(海南)国際熱帯農産品冬季フェア、「冬季フェア」)が12月16日、海口で閉幕した。このフェアでは772億3700万元相当の取引が調印され、過去最高を記録した。さらに、同フェアは国際的な交流と協力で実りの多いイベントであり、海南島を中国的な特徴を持った試験的自由貿易地区、自由貿易港へ構築している海南にとり重要なプラットフォームである。

「一帯一路」国際パビリオンではブラジルのビーフステーキ、ベトナムのコーヒー、フランスの赤ワイン、マレーシアの「猫山王(Cat Mountain King)」ドリアン、タイのラテックス製マットレス、スリランカの紅茶、ブルガリアのバラ油、ネパールの精巧な手工芸品といったさまざまな外国製品が展示された。熱心な外国人展示者は非常に多くの中国人バイヤーを引き付けた。


フェアの期間中、海南省農業・地方部と国営の経済貿易協力ゾーンであるPENGSHENG工業ゾーンは特別な農産品についてウズベキスタンと海南省の間の協力を促進する趣意書に調印した。キューバを本拠とする企業のAlejandro Robaina Tobacco Plantationはダン州市政府と3億5000万元相当の32の契約を締結し、葉巻プランティング・加工施設で協力する総額436億9700万元におよぶ投資プロジェクト契約が成立し、同フェアの国際的な影響力と海南の投資を引き付ける能力を実証した。


ソース:Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

Deals Worth Nearly 80 Billion Sealed at Fruitful 2018 Hainan Winter Fair


HAIKOU, China, Dec. 20, 2018 /Xinhua=KYODO JBN/--

On December 16, the 5-day 2018 China (Hainan) International Tropical

Agricultural Products Winter Trade Fair (Winter Fair) was concluded in Haikou.

Deals worth RMB 77.237 billion were signed during the fair, hitting a record

high. In addition, the fair is a fruitful event for international exchange and

cooperation and an important platform for Hainan which is building the island

into a pilot free trade zone and a free trade port with Chinese characteristics.

In the "Belt and Road" International Pavilion, various foreign products are on

exhibition, including Brazilian beef steak, Vietnamese coffee, and French red

wine, as well as "Cat Mountain King" durian from Malaysia, latex mattresses

from Thailand, black tea from Sri Lanka, rose oil from Bulgaria, and exquisite

handicrafts from Nepal. Enthusiastic foreign exhibitors attracted crowds of

Chinese buyers.

This year, invited by the organizing committee, 138 foreign firms and over 50

foreign guests from 34 countries and regions in Africa and along the Belt and

Road, including Mongolia, Russia, Bulgaria, Papua New Guinea, Mauritius, and

the Philippines, have attended the event, exhibiting 400 products.

During the fair, Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs

and PENGSHENG Industrial Zone, a national overseas economic and trade

cooperation zone, signed a letter of intent to promote the cooperation between

Uzbekistan and Hainan on special agricultural products. Alejandro Robaina

Tobacco Plantation, a Cuba-based company, entered a RMB 350-million agreement

with Danzhou Municipal People's Government to cooperate on a cigar planting and

processing park. 32 contracted investment projects amounting to RMB 43.697

billion were secured, demonstrating the international influence of the fair and

the investment attracting capacity of Hainan.

Liu Cigui, Secretary of Hainan CPC Provincial Committee, noted that Hainan

should get the utmost out of local tropical natural resources and the

preferential policies issued by the central government, continue to strengthen

the role of agriculture in foreign exchanges and cooperation, and shoulder the

responsibility to serve the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2019, Hainan will seek

foreign agricultural partners mainly in countries along the Belt and Road,

especially in Israel, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, and Thailand, and will focus

on seeds & seedlings and agricultural technology.

Source: Hainan Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs