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Nucleus195は投資専門家に、先進、新興、フロンティア市場にまたがるグローバルで詳細なリサーチとコンテンツへの包括的なアクセスを提供している。現地のエキスパートに支えられた強力なグローバルインフラストラクチャーを有しており、投資判断を下すのに必要な知識、情報、独自の考察を得るのに、これ以上優れたプラットフォームはない。Nucleus195のユーザーは、関連するコンテンツを効率的に検索、表示、インポート、ファイル化、アーカイブすることができ、包括的なリサーチ管理と予算設定ツールとして使用できる。投資と金融技術の専門家によって2017年に設立され、経験豊富なエンジニアによって構築されたこのプラットフォームは、ナビゲートが簡単で、透明なプライシングを提供、MiFID IIと互換性がある。詳細については、 を参照。




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TIM, An Acuris Company

ソース:Nucleus195 LLC

Nucleus195 announces partnership with TIM, An Acuris Company


STAMFORD, Connecticut, April 16, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

-- Nucleus195 content providers now have access to TIM's trade idea network

Nucleus195 today announced a strategic partnership with TIM, providing content

providers on the Nucleus195 platform the opportunity to profit from their trade

idea contributions via the TIM trade idea network.

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"I have always been an admirer of TIM and the opportunity for Nucleus195

providers to have access to their platform is a huge value add," said Scott

Duxbury, Nucleus195 Co-Founder. "With independent and broker dealer providers

from across the globe, the partnership with TIM is a great chance for them to

increase their exposure and potentially monetize their trade ideas."

"Nucleus195 has a broad and unique range of providers from developed, emerging

and frontier markets that will increase our trade idea network and provide

investors with even more innovative trade ideas," said Colin Berthoud, Founding

Partner for TIM, An Acuris Company.

Mehdi Sunderji, Nucleus195 Co-Founder, added: "The Nucleus195 platform has

continued to evolve since its launch last year with free tools for the buyside

like our recently launched budget setting capabilities and watch list function.

We are much more than just an online research marketplace. We have more tools

and promotion campaigns that we are rolling out through 2019 that the buyside

is looking forward to seeing."

About Nucleus195

Nucleus195 provides investment professionals with comprehensive access to

in-depth global research and content, across developed, emerging and frontier

markets. With a strong global infrastructure of on-the-ground local experts,

there's no better platform for gaining knowledge, information, and unique

insights for making investment decisions. Nucleus195 allows users to

efficiently search for, notate, import, file, and archive relevant content,

serving as a comprehensive research management and budget setting tool. Founded

in 2017 by investment and financial technology experts and built by experienced

engineers, the platform is simple to navigate, offers transparent pricing, and

is MiFID II compatible. For more information visit

About TIM, An Acuris Company

TIM, an Acuris company, is the world's largest trade ideas network. We connect

financial industry professionals through our proprietary network and

technology, revolutionizing how broker intelligence is distributed, analyzed

and monetized. TIM's network and analytics help the buy-side to extract the

value from trade idea data, providing insights that achieve market-beating

returns. TIM offers sell-side contributors a compliance-friendly platform that

aggregates and conforms broker intelligence to be consumed by systematic


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