GCW Global Customised Wealth社が新たに最高財務責任者および相談役の2名の人事を発表

GCW Global Customised Wealth

2019/7/10 11:06

GCW Global Customised Wealth社が新たに最高財務責任者および相談役の2名の人事を発表


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2019年7月9日、ロンドン/PRニュースワイヤー/ --世界的な投資管理会社、GCW Global Customised Wealth (http://www.gcwpartners.com/ )は最高財務責任者、Mandeep Panesar氏と相談役、Svetlana Bryzgalova氏の2名の上級管理者が同社に加入したことを発表しました。Panesar氏は、顧客のアカウントおよび同社の財務、経理およびレポートのすべての側面を統括します。Bryzgalova教授は投資チームと共同で実証ファイナンスの高度な技術を投資部門、資産配分およびポートフォリオ作成に適用し、リスク分析や評価問題について助言します。


GCWでマネージング・パートナーを務めるDavid Bizer氏は、「それぞれの分野で上級管理者としての優れた専門性を有する人材がここロンドンの経営陣に加わることを楽しみにしています。Panesar氏とBryzgalova教授の際立った経験により、卓越した投資サービスの提供をさらに拡充できるでしょう」と、述べています。

Panesar氏は、GCW社に入社する前、プライベート・エクイティ会社、Lion Capitalでファンドレポート責任者、その前はファイナンシャルコントローラーを務めていました。また、それ以前では、プライベート・エクイティ・セカンダリーを専門とする投資会社、Coller Capitalでファンド・アカウンタント、Baker Tilly会計事務所の監査・法人税チームのメンバーでした。ロンドン大学ロイヤル・ホロウェイの生化学学士を保有し、英国およびウェールズ勅許会計士協会の研究員および勅許税務協会の会員です。




GCW Global Customised Wealth社について

GCW Global Customised Wealth (http://www.gcwpartners.com/ )は、洗練された個人と選ばれた機関に包括的な投資管理ソリューションを提供しています。GCWは、すべての資産と負債(GCWが管理しないものを含む)を考慮し、最適な通貨エクスポージャーを重ねることにより顧客がリードする世界的な生活に対応し、顧客それぞれのクライアントの目的とニーズに沿ったポートフォリオをカスタマイズして構成します。GCWのクライアントは個人ネットワークを超え、透明で利害の対立のない投資機会を探しています。GCWは国際クライアントと協力し、グローバルに投資しており、ロンドンに本社を構え、ロンドン、ニューヨーク、サンフランシスコエリアにチームを組んでいます。


GCW Global Customised Wealth Announces Two New Appointments: Chief Financial Officer and Senior Adviser


LONDON, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

London-based Wealth Management Firm Continues Expansion with Two Senior Management Hires

GCW Global Customised Wealth (http://www.gcwpartners.com/ ), the global

investment management firm, announced two new senior company officials have

joined the firm, Chief Financial Officer Mandeep Panesar and Senior Adviser,

Svetlana Bryzgalova.  Mr. Panesar will oversee all aspects of finance, accounting and

reporting for client accounts and for the firm. Professor Bryzgalova will work with

the investment team to apply advanced techniques in empirical finance to investment selection,

asset allocation and portfolio construction, as well as advise on risk analysis and valuation issues.

GCW, which now has personnel in London, San Francisco and New York, works with

international clients and invests globally, offering individuals comprehensive

wealth management services.

David Bizer, Managing Partner at GCW, commented, "We are excited to enhance our

senior leadership team here in London with such leading experts in their

fields.  Mr. Panesar and Professor Bryzgalova have outstanding experience that

enhances our ability to deliver exceptional investment services to our clients."

Prior to joining GCW, Mr. Panesar served at private equity firm Lion Capital

where he was Head of Fund Reporting, and prior to that, Financial Controller.

Previously, Mandeep was Fund Accountant at Coller Capital, an investment firm

specializing in private equity secondaries, and a member of the Audit and

Corporate Tax teams at Baker Tilly, Chartered Accountants.  He holds a B.Sc. in

Biochemistry from Royal Holloway, University of London, is a fellow of the

Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and member of the

Chartered Institute of Taxation.

"I feel fortunate for this opportunity to work with an extremely talented team

at GCW that is dedicated to delivering such an innovative value proposition to

clients," said Panesar.

Professor Bryzgalova is an Assistant Professor of Finance at London Business

School.  Her research focuses on the quantitative aspects of empirical asset

pricing, and applies advanced techniques developed in econometrics, machine

learning, computer science and data science fields to improve the understanding

of financial markets. She earned her Ph.D. in Economics from London School of

Economics in 2015, and was Assistant Professor of Finance at the Stanford

Graduate School of Business before returning to London in 2018.

Professor Bryzgalova added, "I am thrilled to be able to contribute my research

on markets to the problem-solving culture at GCW, a firm that shares my passion

that the careful study of finance is a continuous improvement project."

About GCW Global Customised Wealth

GCW Global Customised Wealth (http://www.gcwpartners.com/ ) provides

sophisticated individuals and select institutions with comprehensive investment

management solutions. GCW constructs customised portfolios tailored to each

client's objectives and needs, taking into consideration all assets and

liabilities (including those not managed by GCW), and overlaying optimal

currency exposure to correspond with the global lives our clients lead. GCW's

clients seek investment opportunities that extend beyond their personal

networks, that are transparent and do not suffer from conflicts of interest.  

GCW works with international clients, invests globally and is headquartered in

London with teams in London, New York and the San Francisco area.

Source: GCW Global Customised Wealth