Haier Philippinesが2019年上半期目標売上高112%に達す


2019/7/10 15:05

Haier Philippinesが2019年上半期目標売上高112%に達す

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【北京2019年7月9日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】中国の家電最大手ハイアール(Haier)は2012年のフィリピン市場進出以来、グローバル戦略を向上し続け、フィリピンの顧客により多くの選択肢がある多彩な製品および細部にわたるサービスを提供してきた。

2019年上半期には、Haier Philippinesは前年比20%の増収、目標売上高112%を達成した。自動クリーン機能のエアコンなどのハイエンド製品の売り上げは過去最高を記録した。フィリピンの主要な7つのうち6販売経路がハイアールと提携し、同社は核となる販売経路における主流ブランドとなった。


さらに、Haier Philippinesは以前からローカライゼーションの拡大を重視してきており、フィリピンの若者育成に力を注いでいる。ハイアールの経営哲学によると、新卒の時でさえ皆自分のポジションには精通しているものだ。


事業において急速な発展を遂げる際、Haier Philippinesは公益事業にもかなり注意を払った。

最近ではHaier Philippinesチームが、生活保護受給家庭で暮らす児童のために特別な誕生会を開き、児童らにカラーテレビ、冷蔵庫、その他の家電および生活用品や学用品を寄贈した。


Haier Philippines reaches 112 percent of target sales volume in first half of 2019


BEIJING, July 9, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

China's home appliances giant Haier has been improving its global strategy and

provided more choices of diversified products as well as intimate services to

Filipino consumers since it stepped into the Philippines market in 2012.

In the first half of 2019, Haier Philippines completed 112 percent of its target sales volume,

up 20 percent year on year. Sales of high-end products such as self-cleaning air conditioners

reached new record-high. Six of Philippines' seven major sales channels cooperated with Haier,

making Haier a mainstream brand in core sales channels.

Enough care has been taken by Haier to customize and localize its products to meet Filipino

customers' needs and suit the local conditions there. One such attempt occurred in kitchen

appliances. Haier innovated the large-capacity gas oven in the Philippines, which received

an immediate acceptance when introduced to the market.

Additionally, Haier Philippines has always attached importance to the expansion

of localization and is committed to cultivating young people in the Philippines.

According to Haier's management philosophy, everyone is the master

of their own position, even when he is just a fresh graduate.

Moreover, to seize the high-end and intelligent home appliance trends, Haier

will further strengthen its overseas layout and product optimization, and will

maintain close cooperation with relevant Philippine companies and departments

to prepare better Haier products and service.

When making rapid progress in business, Haier Philippines also paid much

attention to public welfare undertaking.

Recently, the Haier Philippines team held a special birthday party for children

who lived in welfare houses and donated color TVs, refrigerators and other home

appliances as well as living and school supplies to these children.