Xinhua Silk Road:中国東部の淮安がユネスコ創造都市ネットワーク加入を目指しキュイジーヌ活動を主催

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2019/10/9 14:30

Xinhua Silk Road:中国東部の淮安がユネスコ創造都市ネットワーク加入を目指しキュイジーヌ活動を主催

AsiaNet 80932(1924)

【北京2019年10月8日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】中国東部の江蘇省淮安市は最近、ユネスコ創造都市ネットワーク(UNESCO Creative Cities Network)の下でGastronomy City(グルメ都市)に申請するためのさらなる努力として、一連の料理展示とプロモーション活動を主催した。

国内外の食品の代表者、専門家、学者が集まり、淮揚菜(Huaiyang cuisine)文化を促進し、創造的都市を建設し、美食を通じて市民の健康を向上する道を探った。


会場では、淮安「グルメ都市」申請事務所、Jiangsu Catering Industry Association(江蘇ケータリング産業協会)、Jiangsu Huaiyang cuisine research and development center(江蘇淮揚菜研究開発センター)の間で、産業開発、プロモーション、人材育成、 対話、グリーン開発を通じた淮揚菜の高品質発展をさらに促進するための戦略的協力協定が結ばれた。





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Xinhua Silk Road: East China Huai'an hosts cuisine activities eying to join UNESCO Creative Cities Network


BEIJING, Oct. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Huai'an city of east China's Jiangsu Province recently hosted a series of

cuisine exhibition and promotion activities as further efforts to apply for

Gastronomy City under UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

Food representatives, experts and scholars from home and abroad were gathered

to co-explore ways for promoting Huaiyang cuisine culture, constructing creative city

as well as enhancing citizen well-being through gastronomy.

Banquet theme exhibition, Huaiyang cuisine technique performance, promotion as

well as tasting events were presented, serving the audiences a close-up experience

of the "state dinner" for the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) as well as

special Huaiyang canal banquet.

On-site, a strategic cooperation agreement was reached among Huai'an Gastronomy

City application office, Jiangsu Catering Industry Association and Jiangsu Huaiyang

cuisine research and development center to further promote high-quality development

of Huaiyang cuisine through industry development, promotions, talent cultivating,

dialogues and green development.

Huaiyang cuisine should go international to let the world know better about China's Jiangsu,

according to Mi Zhengfu, head of Australian Chinese restaurant industry association.

It is noted that Huai'an city government attached great importance to Huaiyang

cuisine industry development and has provided some 10 million yuan annually

since 2012 for the inheritance and innovation of Huaiyang cuisine-related culture.

Notably, it has established special working committee, cultural research institution,

Huaiyang cuisine association, Huaiyang cuisine group, as well as built China Huaiyang

Cuisine Culture Museum, the first such theme museum in China.

The city initiated Gastronomy City application process last April, aiming to better present

Huai'an food culture to the world, deepen international industry exchanges and cooperation

while inject more culture elements and vitality into city development.

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