Xinhua Silk Road:ハイアールが積極的に世界の公共福祉事業に参加

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2020/1/14 15:44

Xinhua Silk Road:ハイアールが積極的に世界の公共福祉事業に参加

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【北京2020年1月13日PR Newswire=共同通信JBN】中国の家電大手ハイアールは長年にわたって企業の社会的責任を果たし、公共福祉事業を推進することにコミットしてきた。

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同社は昨年、「Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier(世界のハイアールと会い、スマートライフを楽しもう:スナップショット・ハイアール)」と称する世界的な公共福祉活動を開始した。その目的は、強さと温かさによって世界中のユーザーに健康的な生活をもたらすことだ。







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Xinhua Silk Road: Haier actively takes part in public welfare undertakings worldwide


BEIJING, Jan. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --

Chinese home appliance giant Haier has long been committed to practicing

corporate social responsibility and pushing forward public welfare undertakings.

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(Photo taken on July 5, 2019 shows a girl dances at the donation ceremony of

Haier in a welfare house of the Philippines.)

Last year, the company kicked off a worldwide public welfare activity, titled

"Meet Global Haier, Enjoy Smart Life: Snapshot Haier", with an aim to bring

healthy life for global users with strength and warmth.

AQUA, a global brand of Haier which was officially launched in Indonesia in

2015, passes down Haier's philosophy and attaches much importance to public

welfare undertakings. Last year, it positively responded to the activity of

"Snapshot Haier", sending TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, stationery and

books to children in the local orphanage to pass on care and warmth to them.

In the Philippines, Haier also actively participated in public welfare

undertaking. Last year the company donated a batch of much-needed home

appliances as well as teaching aids to the local welfare house.

The company has a localized approach to meet demands of global users with

customized products.

Haier has gained a strong foothold in Thailand. The secret of Haier's success

in Thailand is localized marketing, actively communicating with users,

analyzing market trends, and creating differentiated products. The company

continuously identifies the needs of users in an attempt to develop customized

products for Thai users.

In Russia, Haier launched last year a laundry appliances plant, which is the

first Chinese-built intelligent manufacturing factory based on COSMOPlat

platform in Europe. The company hired local R&D talents, factory workers and

sales staffs in a bid to better adapt to the local market and create competitive edges.

By now, the plant has created over 800 jobs directly for the local market and provided

a stimulus to local economic growth.

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