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Hits U.S. Market on Feb. 15, 2021


TOKYO, Feb. 16, 2021 /Kyodo JBN/ --


Men’s skincare brand “BULK HOMME,” run by BULK HOMME Co., Ltd., was launched in the U.S. market on February 15, 2021. BULK HOMME, as a leading men’s high-quality skincare brand, uses only selected minimal materials that are friendly to both the environment and users’ skin.


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BULK HOMME’s basic policy is symbolized by pouch containers for facial cleansers, beauty lotion and milky lotion. Their unique transparent packaging allows users to clearly see the contents and even feel the texture of the products. These containers embody BULK HOMME’s determination to achieve safety and stability.


In 2019, BULK HOMME appointed Kylian Mbappe, a renowned soccer player with the French national team, as its global ambassador, and began a drive to expand its business to the global market. Since then, BULK HOMME has been making efforts to contribute to society in cooperation with “INSPIRED by KM Project,” which Mbappe organized to expand children’s potential and broaden their knowledge.


As its business development initiative in the U.S. market, BULK HOMME is stepping up its online and offline promotional activities with the aim of increasing its brand name recognition. As part of its short-term offline promotional activities, the company will conduct at-store campaigns, such as sampling and touch-and-try events, with the aim of raising the public awareness of the need for men’s skincare while increasing its brand recognition.


Overview of its sales activities

BULK HOMME’s sales activities in the U.S., visit the following website:



Official materials for the press

Brand logo/images of products: https://bit.ly/3ncCgHm


Corporate profile

For the details of its corporate information, visit the following website:




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