Nippon Express Earns Highest Rating in CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating


2021/2/19 15:00

Nippon Express Earns Highest Rating

in CDP’s Supplier Engagement Rating

Nippon Express Co., Ltd. has earned the highest rating of “A” in the Supplier Engagement Rating released by CDP, an international NGO engaged in researching and disclosing environmental information on companies and cities.



CDP, one of the rating agencies most trusted by investors for environmental evaluations, is a non-profit organization whose primary activities entail requesting, on behalf of institutional investors and major purchasing organizations worldwide with a keen interest in environmental issues, that companies and local governments disclose information on their climate change and water security measures as well as their approaches to addressing environmental issues such as forest conservation, and promoting these efforts by doing so.

Nippon Express regards “responsibility for the global environment” as a critical issue deserving high priority. It has been actively disclosing relevant information and collaborating with its value chain in joint distribution and modal shifts, and its efforts have been well-received.

The Nippon Express Group will continue making active contributions to resolving environmental issues while meeting the expectations of all stakeholders globally as it seeks to become a “logistics company with a strong presence in the global market.”

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Source: Nippon Express Co., Ltd.



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