Cloud-based supply chain solutions provider Eka announces hiring spree amid strong business growth

Eka Software Solutions

2021/4/8 15:48



NEW YORK, April. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


    Amid significant growth in its commodity and direct materials businesses,

Eka Software Solutions [], the leading cloud platform for

supply [] chain management, will dramatically

increase its global headcount with more than 100 new hires, representing a 25

percent workforce increase.



    Eka’s expansion results from an increasing number of commodity and direct

materials enterprises selecting its Cloud Platform to digitize their supply

chains and enhance resiliency.



    With increasing demand for digitalization, Eka experienced a banner year

for growth in 2020, achieving a 60% increase in Annual Contract Value (ACV)

while adding $70 million in Total Contract Value (TCV).



    Eka has a strong focus on innovation, injecting nearly 30 percent of its

profits into research and development.  With customer growth, combined with new

market opportunities through its product roadmap, the company will expand its

workforce across product development, sales, delivery and support over the next

ten months.



    Rajesh Jagannathan, Eka Chief Operating Officer said “Eka is focused on

redefining the digital experience for our customers by delivering an end-to-end

platform for commodities and direct materials across agriculture, energy,

metals and mining.  As we ready ourselves to deliver an expanded product

offering, we are actively growing our team to meet the needs and exceed the

servicing expectations of our discerning customer base,” Rajesh said.



    In line with its goal to provide best-in-class, integrated supply chain

solutions, Eka will also add more offerings on its Cloud Platform. This

includes enhanced commodity trading & risk management (CTRM) solutions and

E-sourcing for direct material procurement. []

With increasing focus on ESG reporting, Eka will also launch a suite of new

sustainability [] and ESG solutions to

visualize ethical sourcing and carbon emissions, monitor strategic use of

energy and resources and mitigate compliance risk.



    Earlier this year, Eka also rolled out Mission Digital, a comprehensive

business and technology strategy to accelerate digital transformation for its

customers. Through an agile platform, Eka applies an innovative cloud-driven

approach delivering automated workflows to drive business resiliency, a

simplified interface to support new ways of bringing employees, processes, and

technology together, and instant access to multiple buyers and suppliers across

the global supply chain.



    About Eka


    Eka is a global leader in providing cloud driven solutions for commodity

and direct materials businesses to overcome complex challenges in supply chain

and financial management.



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