Japanese Corporate Venture Capital “CyberAgent Capital” Closes Latest Round ...

of Fundraising Fetching over $55M

CyberAgent Capital

TOKYO, May 20, 2021 /Kyodo JBN/ --

CyberAgent Capital, Inc.

CyberAgent Capital, Inc., a member company of the Tokyo-based CyberAgent, Inc. group, has announced the closing of its “CA Startups Internet Fund 3rd,” raising a total of 6 billion yen (US$55.5 million).


CyberAgent Capital is a venture capital firm based across 8 countries and 10 cities, mainly in Asia, leading global innovation jointly with startups. Since its founding in 2006, the firm has been constantly pursuing global innovation. It invests in internet-related enterprises that are led by entrepreneurs with excellent management and leadership capabilities and are determined to expand their business globally and have high growth potential. With its vast experience in the internet business, the company provides incubation expertise and a unique business network to accelerate the global expansion of startups.


CyberAgent Capital’s targeted areas of investment are mainly startups in early stages, such as seed. It has invested in more than 350 companies, and 50 of them were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


Background behind establishment of investment fund:


CyberAgent Capital has been investing mainly in seed, early startup companies based on its corporate vision of “Change the World, from Asia.” The company has invested in startups globally. For example, it has invested in Tokopedia Inc. in Indonesia, Fangduoduo Inc. in China, Tiki Inc. and CleverAds Inc. in Vietnam, and Kakao Corp. in South Korea. In Japan, CyberAgent Capital has invested in companies such as Crowdworks Inc., Spacemarket Inc., VisasQ Inc., Kaizen platform Inc., and Retty Inc. Some of its other renowned portfolio companies include Note Inc., hey Inc., Timee Inc., and Subsclife Inc. With its latest fundraising, CyberAgent Capital aims to further accelerate its global startup investment and support the startup incubation ecosystem.


About support for startups:


1. “Growth Team”

CyberAgent Capital’s “Growth Team” is a specialized team to support its portfolio companies further grow. It has gathered experts from various fields such as development, public relations, etc. that provide hands-on support.


2. Sharing Expertise

CyberAgent Capital provides business expertise such as business and organization building, business projects, management strategy, marketing, etc.


3. Experts

CyberAgent Capital provides support from its staff that are highly experienced in R&D, growth hack, engineering, technical legal affairs, organizational strategy, etc.


4. Overseas Expansion

CyberAgent Capital supports investments with the potential to expand business overseas, using its global network multi-directionally.


5. Monthly Pitch “Monthly Pitch” ( https://monthly-pitch.com/ ) is a monthly pitch event for seed, early-stage startups. This is a platform where early-stage entrepreneurs can quickly meet investors active in Asia. This allows startups to spend minimal time on fundraising and concentrate on their core business as much as possible.


CyberAgent Capital looks forward to working with passionate, innovative entrepreneurs. Please feel free to contact the company if interested.


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About CyberAgent Capital ( https://www.cyberagentcapital.com/en/ )

Company name: CyberAgent Capital, Inc. Location: 5F Abema Towers 40-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042 Established: April 3, 2006 Representative: Hirofumi Kondo, President & CEO Business Description: Venture capital

Contact: CyberAgent Capital, Inc.






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