Lumen Media Transformation takes live and on-demand video from the camera to the Edge

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2021/6/11 18:55

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DENVER, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


     - End-to-end solution provides advanced capabilities to prepare and enrich

content for delivery to users over the Internet


To enable media distributors and service providers to deliver video content

more quickly and easily to audiences anywhere around the globe, on any device,

Lumen Technologies [

] (NYSE: LUMN) has introduced Lumen Media Transformation. Lumen Media

Transformation creates high-quality online viewing experiences by combining

advanced video encoding technologies with the Lumen global fiber and Edge



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"This fully-managed advanced media transformation and content delivery service

will help accelerate time-to-market for global broadcasters and pay-TV

operators who are competing to transform their services in rapidly growing

over-the-top (OTT) markets," said Pierre-Louis Theron, vice president of

content delivery services, Lumen Technologies. "With local language support in

various regions, and deep experience in transforming broadcast workflows to

support OTT delivery, we can empower operators with advanced video features and

monetization tools. This means they can deliver OTT content at scale and retain

and win favor with local audiences and advertisers."


Part of the Lumen Edge Application Delivery portfolio, Lumen Media

Transformation utilizes the company's secure Vyvx signal acquisition which has

been interconnected with cloud-based video software from MediaKind for

encoding, packaging and enrichment of content. Video is then served directly to

the consumer over the Lumen global content delivery network (CDN). With

flexibility in mind, services can be turned on/off as needed and require no

additional investment in CAPEX, no further hardware deployment, and no changes

to existing broadcast workflows. Lumen Media Transformation enhances the Lumen

platform and broadens the media and content delivery capabilities available to

customers to deliver amazing digital experiences.


As the number of OTT video subscribers continues to grow, so will the demand

for OTT enrichment and delivery solutions. According to industry analyst firm

Omdia, global OTT video subscribers will reach more than 1.24 billion in 2021,

an increase of 13% over 2020, and OTT subscription revenue is expected to grow

by 21% to a grand total of $90 billion.


"The global OTT video market is growing very quickly, partly boosted by the

Covid pandemic, with particularly strong growth in regions such as Latin

America and Asia Pacific, which are now outpacing more established markets like

North America and Europe," stated Tony Gunnarsson, principal analyst, Omdia.

"There is strong demand from local and regional media providers for advanced

capabilities that enable them to more quickly and easily deliver OTT content



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