Nippon Express (China) Opens New Office in Jinan, Shandong Province

- New Location Will Offer Forwarding Services to Inland Areas of Shandong Province -

TOKYO, June 28, 2021 /Kyodo JBN/ --

Nippon Express Co., Ltd.

Nippon Express (China) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “NE China”), a local subsidiary of Nippon Express Co., Ltd., has set up a new office in the city of Jinan in Shandong Province that opened for business on June 1.




Photo: NE China’s Jinan Office


Shandong Province is China’s second most populous province with nearly 100 million residents, and the area is seeing remarkable economic growth, achieving a growth rate of 3.6% in 2020 and anticipating a rate of 6% or higher in 2021. The provincial capital, Jinan, hosts a cluster of IT, medical/pharmaceutical and heavy equipment companies, and there is rising demand for logistics services that satisfy industry-specific needs.


An opening ceremony for the office, held on May 26, was accompanied by a symposium for local government officials and parties involved in logistics that briefed participants on Nippon Express’s business expansion in the Jinan area, the company’s initiatives utilizing the China Railway Express (rail cargo services linking China and Europe), and other matters of interest.


As the first Japanese logistics company to establish an office in Jinan, NE China will be offering forwarding services for a variety of transport modes (ocean, air, rail and truck) and logistics services (bonded warehousing, general warehousing, and domestic transport) as well as developing multimodal services combining ocean, air and rail transport to take advantage of Shandong Province’s proximity to Japan and South Korea.


The Nippon Express Group remains committed to meeting the diversifying needs of customers around the world and contributing to society through logistics.


Profile of new office

- Name: Jinan Office, Qingdao Branch, Nippon Express (China) Co., Ltd.

- Address: Room 405, Building 1, Zone 2, Hanyu Financial and Business Center, No. 2666 Shunhua Road, High Tech Zone, Jinan City, Shandong


Scope of operations

- Intermediary operations for forwarding services (ocean, air, truck and rail cargo)

- Intermediary operations for logistics services (bonded warehousing, general warehousing, and domestic transport)

- Sales activities in the inland areas of Shandong Province

- Development of multimodal services


Nippon Express website:


Official LinkedIn account: NIPPON EXPRESS GROUP




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