2021 Finny Award Validates SSG's Digital-First Approach to Content-Driven Demand

Selling Simplified Group, Inc

2021/7/30 09:02



DENVER, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/ --


-- Unparalleled company growth throughout the global COVID pandemic attributed

to Selling Simplified's 100% digital methodology


Selling Simplified Group, Inc. (SSG) recently took home the 2021 Finny Award

for Best Nurture Content at the B2B Marketing Exchange 11th annual "Killer

Content Awards" by Demand Gen Report.


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The winning content, COVID Killed the Cold Call (


), discusses the value of digital nurture in modern B2B marketing and suggests

that cold calling is less effective for reaching buyers in today's

digital-first environment.


"A significant challenge that B2B marketers had to overcome during COVID was

realizing that telemarketing is not a viable nurture tool," said Chief Growth

Officer Thomas Koletas. "This award is validation that SSG's 100% organic

digital lead generation and nurture solutions are the best way to get buyers to

interact with B2B marketing content."


The Nurture Content category honors stellar lead gen material and a proven

understanding of nurture tactics to win. SSG's Marketing Department accepted

the award virtually following an informal announcement on LinkedIn.


The winning 12-page report was a result of several months of research,

culminating in an authoritative piece that outlines four steps to aid B2B

marketers in digital nurture efforts and includes compelling statistics about

this method's proven ability to win accounts.


The Finny Award came shortly after SSG surpassed the 20,000 followers mark on

LinkedIn, a significant milestone as the company further establishes its status

as global market leaders. Perpetuating the company's growth momentum, SSG

recently added high-profile executives to the team, including Dan Juanillo as

Chief Financial Officer and Tom Koletas as CGO.


"The market for B2B demand gen is crowded with companies that have similar

stories. To B2B marketers, every demand gen company uses the same buzzwords. At

SSG, our data-driven methodology speaks for itself," said Koletas. "This award

shows that our digital approach sets us apart as market leaders and

distinguishes our authority and leadership in this digital space."


According to the B2B Marketing Exchange website (


), the Killer Content Awards "celebrate the B2B brands that are pushing the

creative limits within their content marketing." Among award-winners include

TATA Technologies, Blackline, Terminus, Forbes, and more. SSG was the sole

winner in the Nurture Content category.


SOURCE: Selling Simplified Group, Inc