LEAD Horizon: How travelers in Austria gargle against the corona virus

LEAD Horizon



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Austrian success model with gold standard tests is possible worldwide


Vienna got through the pandemic better in comparison to other European cities -

thanks to a specially developed PCR test by the Austrian company LEAD Horizon,

which is already used in 13 countries. Every day, 150.000 Austrians carry out a

corona test by using the gargle method. This test offer is also available to

travelers. These low-threshold corona tests could also be expanded to other



Even if the number of vaccinations increases, regular testing for Covid-19 will

continue to play a key role in combating the pandemic. Austria ranks among the

leaders in the tests carried out worldwide – thanks to the initiative

"Everything gargles". Every day, 150.000 Austrians use this specially developed

PCR test – the "gold standard" of corona tests – to inquire their Covid-19

status. Since February, more than eight million people – including tourists –

have made use of this low-threshold opportunity. In addition to Austria, the

product is already available in 13 other countries.


This is made possible by the Austrian company LEAD Horizon, which developed the

high-quality PCR test using a throat rinsing fluid and a web app. Means: You

get free tests, gargle at home by opening the web app and following the

instructions and then return the sample tube to one of the 681 pick-up

stations. From there it is brought to certified laboratories and evaluated by

means of PCR procedure. The test result as well as a medical report and the

certificate for the Green Pass or EU Digital COVID Certificate can be accessed

via web app withing 24 hours.


The PCR gargle tests are also available to travelers in Vienna and Upper

Austria. Already 80.000 tests from tourists were carried out. The tests are

carried out independently by the guest in the hotel room and then handed in at

various acceptance points. The result is available within one day and functions

– in addition to the vaccination – as an "entry test" for gastronomy, theatre

and other holiday activities.


Especially with a view to autumn, which is the traditional time for city trips,

LEAD Horizon provides travelers a free and easy opportunity to enjoy a safe and

relaxed holiday in Austria.


More information: www.allesgurgelt.at and https://youtu.be/rQ3BiXfKVUE  


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