TVU Networks Offers Expanded Customer Support and New Solutions for the Winter Games in China

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2021/10/14 19:28



SHANGHAI, Sept. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire=KYODO JBN/--


*24/7, On-Site Support from Established Company Presence and Large Staff in



*Services Offered in China will Include: 5G Transmitters with Unlimited 5G,

Fast Equipment Exchange, Complimentary Workspace and Watch Party Solution


TVU Networks(,

the market and technology leader in cloud and IP-based live video solutions,

today announced updated plans to its Winter Games support based largely on

customer experience during the Summer Games. Depending on further COVID spread,

potentially stricter travel parameters in China, and mountainous terrain

surrounding venue locations Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, broadcast coverage of the

Winter Games could prove even more challenging than conditions faced in Tokyo.

Anticipated restrictions in Beijing include: limited availability of 5G SIM

cards, three-week visitor quarantine, rules on equipment transport, and limited

visitor access to the Great Wall.


With offices in Beijing and Shanghai for over 15 years, TVU Networks has the

largest local team on the ground when compared to others providing similar

services. TVU staff will be on site 24/7 to assist not only with live

transmission and remote production technology, but also any translation,

logistical and cultural challenges.


"We've got a solid support network in place," said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU

Networks. "Our TVU team will take care of any issues our customers face, so

they can focus on producing the best possible coverage in Beijing. While we

provided a host of services on the ground in Tokyo, our support will be even

more extensive in China based on our lessons learned, and because we believe

that conditions in Beijing could make remote coverage there even more

challenging. Given our successes in Tokyo, we're confident in our ability to

help broadcasters navigate the complexities of next year's Winter Games."


With staff safety and COVID-related production restrictions in place, remote

production technology won gold in Tokyo. When compared against the Summer Games

in 2016, TVU saw a 100x increase in the use of TVU Grid(

for IP-based video switching routing and distribution and 10x higher adoption

of the TVU Anywhere mobile app(

in Tokyo. With the pandemic creating uncertainty in the host country with

regard to live coverage of and access to the Summer Games, TVU was prepared to

help its customers adapt to changing workflows with extensive support services.

Throughout Tokyo, TVU provided quick turnaround on equipment exchange requests,

as well as timely equipment pickup and delivery, despite local restrictions.


Live 24/7 beauty shots from multiple cameras of Tokyo locations before and

during the Summer Games were popular for bumpers and other interstitial

content. TVU also offered a rental inventory of TVU One(

mobile transmitters and had professional ENG camera crews at the ready. Plus,

the company offered studio space in downtown Tokyo equipped with TVU Grid for

broadcast-quality video transmission.


"There wasn't the ability to send a crew to different locations at any time in

Tokyo, as there'd been in the past," added Shen. "Without on-location

resources, broadcasters had to get creative to produce quality interviews,

beauty shots and cover stories with a local flavor. That's where cloud- and

IP-based solutions provided the flexibility needed to produce compelling

coverage without the typical on-site access."



In Beijing this February, the number of broadcasters covering the games

combined with the rugged terrain surrounding Yanqing and Zhangjiakou and

potentially restrictive in-country travel, will require maximum flexibility

with minimal to no coverage disruption.


TVU One mobile transmitters available for rent in Beijing will feature:

•        5G transmission with unlimited 5G data

•        4K HDR or 1080p HDR picture quality

•        Sub-second latency

•        The aggregation of all available data connections – cellular, 5G,


        Ethernet, and satellite – to transmit broadcast-quality video from any



Among the services TVU will provide in Beijing:

•        Equipment delivery, pick up, set up, technical assistance and

        exchanges within two to four hours from notification subject to COVID


•        Zero risk booking ensures a full refund if Games are cancelled

•        24x7 live pool feeds from Beijing

•        Watch Party Solution to easily and cost effectively share live moments

        between athletes and friends and family remotely

•        Professional Remote Reporting Solution, which provides reporters and

        producers the ability to conduct remote interviews from their home or


•        Complimentary office space in the TVU Beijing office with free

        high-speed internet access and language assistance

•        All-in-One Interview Kit for mobile journalists that enable high

        quality live shots from anywhere


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for a complete look at TVU's planned offerings during the Winter Games.


During the Summer Games, TVU Networks was on-site, supporting more than 100

broadcasters, including beIN Sports, Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS), Shanghai

Media Group (SMG), Joongang Tongyang Broadcasting Company (JTBC) in South

Korea, China Global Television Networks (CGTN), and 7NEWS Australia.


About TVU Networks(R)


TVU Networks is a global organization with more than 3,000 customers using its

IP and cloud-based workflow solutions across multiple industries including

news, entertainment media, sports, corporate, streaming, houses of worship and

government. Through the use of AI and automation driven technology, TVU helps

broadcasters realize an efficient metadata and story-centric workflow through

its TVU MediaMind platform for live video content acquisition, indexing,

production, distribution and management. The company has been on the forefront

of developing the tools needed to revolutionize and streamline the Media Supply

Chain. TVU is a critical part of the operations of many major media companies

worldwide and is a Technology and Engineering Emmy(R) Award winner.

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