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- Altaeros' ST-Flex is a rapidly deployable autonomous aerostat


SoftBank Corp. ("SoftBank"), Japan's leading mobile carrier, completed initial

testing of Altaeros' ST-Flex(TM) autonomous aerostat. Operational and telecom

tests were performed at Hokkaido Spaceport, Taiki Town, Hokkaido, Japan. Learn

more about ST-Flex:


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SoftBank and Altaeros first launched the ST-Flex on May 2, 2022 and performed

evaluation tests through May. ST-Flex carried SoftBank's base station system,

which was equipped with its proprietary cylindrical antenna that realizes

communication area footprint fixation, to a height of 816 feet (249m), where it

was connected to their ground equipment via optical fiber and power conductors

embedded in the tethers. From SoftBank's announcement: "The newly developed

high-altitude tethered aerostat base station system was operable at higher

altitudes and carried heavier communication payloads, and it also achieved

wider area network coverage with greater communication stability during the

trial"  Details and additional results from SoftBank's telecom testing can be

found here:


Aerostat Autopilot(TM), Altaeros' proprietary autonomous control system,

eliminates on-site crew for daily operations and ensures the highest level of

reliability, making ST-Flex the most cost-effective aerostat solution in its

class. During the test program, the ST-Flex excelled in highly variable weather

conditions, including gale-force wind. Altaeros' three tether autonomous

controls create stability in the aerostat and control pitch, roll, and yaw to

keep the aerostat steady even in varying weather conditions. The autonomous

features provide a level of performance and flexibility unparalleled amongst

commercial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Watch highlights here:


"We are incredibly excited to have completed the first international launch of

the ST-Flex," said Altaeros CEO, Ben Glass. "Successful testing of SoftBank's

Footprint Fixation Technology on the ST-Flex is a huge milestone which will

further the development and effectiveness of many aerial telecommunications

platforms to help bring critical services around the world."


About SoftBank Corp.

Guided by the SoftBank Group's corporate philosophy, "Information Revolution –

Happiness for everyone," SoftBank Corp. (TOKYO: 9434) provides

telecommunications services and combines them with advanced technologies to

develop and operate new businesses in Japan and globally. In the year ended

March 2022, SoftBank Corp. registered 5.7 trillion yen of revenue, 985.7

billion of operating income, and had 319 group companies (245 subsidiaries and

74 affiliates), both in Japan and abroad. SoftBank Corp. has 57 million mobile

and broadband subscribers in Japan, and through its group companies Yahoo Japan

Corporation, PayPay Corporation and LINE Corporation, 86 million online media

users, 46 million smartphone payment users and 92 million communication app

users, respectively (as of May 11, 2022). With this strong business foundation

and compelling number of customer touchpoints, SoftBank Corp. is expanding into

non-telecom fields in line with its "Beyond Carrier" growth strategy while

further growing its telecom business. Also, by fully harnessing the power of

5G, AI, IoT, Digital Twin, Non-Terrestrial Network (NTN) solutions, including

High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS)-based stratospheric telecommunications,

and other key technologies, SoftBank Corp. aims to realize the "Implementation

of Digitalization into Society." In recognition of its ESG initiatives,

SoftBank Corp. was selected for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability

Indices, FTSE4Good, 2022 Constituent MSCI Japan ESG Select Leaders Index and

other leading global ESG investments indices. To learn more, please visit


About Altaeros: Altaeros' mission is to connect people, machines, and data, no

matter where they happen to be located. We leverage cutting edge autonomy and

advanced aerospace technology to build the most effective aerial platform

available. Our SuperTowers are used to deliver high speed, low-cost broadband

to underserved communities, build IoT networks to monitor industrial sites or

crop health, provide an elevated vantage point for first responders fighting

wildfires or other natural disasters, and any number of other applications.

Altaeros is headquartered in Greater Boston, with production and test

facilities in southern New Hampshire. Altaeros is backed by SoftBank Group,

SPARX, SKK, Safar Partners and others.

Learn more at


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