Masafumi Gotoh released his first drone/ambient album “Recent Report I”.

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Masafumi Gotoh released his first drone/ambient album “Recent Report I”.


Masafumi Gotoh's drone/ambient music album "Recent Report I" has released for digital distribution. This marks the debut music release under his own name by Masafumi Gotoh (ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION), featuring a drone/ambient album titled "Recent Report I".

Recent Report I” Distribution Link:


In addition to his three albums released under the name "Gotch," Gotoh has delved into creating ambient works for contemporary dance stage music and for reading his own novel "YOROZU~妄想の民俗史(Mousou No Minzokushi)~". The album "Recent Report I" is an introspective compilation of Gotoh's thoughts from the past year, expressed through drone/ambient music. Incorporating fieldwork, performance, and recording, Gotoh has crafted unique sounds that capture the essence of the present moment.


Influenced by interactions with Chris Walla, the former member of Death Cab for Cutie who produced his second solo album "Good New Times," as well as Ryuichi Sakamoto, known for his involvement in projects like NO NUKES, among others, the album is filled with his current energy, passion, and ideas. Among the five tracks, there's "Lost in Time" (M1), which samples "Thousand Knives" from Ryuichi Sakamoto's "playing the piano usa 2010 / korea 2011 - ustream viewers selection -" released in 2011, and "Rest in Peace" (M5), which incorporates the Heart Sutra recitation by Deputy Head Priest Yumon Higuchi of Nōjoji Temple in Kofu. Throughout the album, there's a rich musical tapestry immersed in nature, capturing sounds that can never be reproduced.


Although there has been no public statement from Gotoh himself, there is no doubt that this work is also a memorial to “the professor”, Ryuichi Sakamoto, as he and Sakamoto have been working closely together for some time on the "D2021" project, which aims to create a sustainable social movement.


Additionally, the album showcases immersive three-dimensional sound, accessible in Dolby Atmos on Apple Music and in binaural audio on other platforms, best experienced with headphones or earphones. There's also contemplation underway for presenting the album in immersive sound format.

The album is scheduled for release on cassette tape, accompanied by a collection of freshly taken postcards, each featuring captions for individual tracks.

Recent Report Ialbum Information

Album Title: "Recent Report I"

Artist: Masafumi Gotoh

Label: only in dreams

Distribution Link: : (Apple Music / Spotify / Amazon / Deezer etc.)



1. Lost in Time

2. More Than Words

3. Sine Waves

4. The Other World Drive

5. Rest in Peace


Masafumi Gotoh (Gotch) Profile

Lead vocalist and guitarist of ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION, responsible for writing lyrics and composing the majority of songs. Released 11 original albums under the Ki/oon Music (Sony) label.

Founded his own label "only in dreams" in 2010. Also engaged in writing essays and novels, and as the editor-in-chief of the newspaper "THE FUTURE TIMES," pondering the future of society and the new era. Launched the "APPLE VINEGAR -Music Award-" in 2018, which is awarded to albums released by up-and-coming musicians.

Released the solo single "Stateless feat. YonYon" under the name Gotch on January 10, 2024. Included in the 7-inch EP released in February.

Published works include "Nando Demo All Right to Utae" ,"YOROZU~,Mousou no minzokushi" “Kouta Noumiso” and “INU COMMUNICATON” etc. and latest release "Asa Kara Rock."

ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION released the analog version of "Surf Bungaku Kamakura (Complete Edition)" in March 2024.

"Surf Bungaku Kamakura (Complete Edition)" in March 2024.




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