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Remote Patient-monitoring Adoption at Scale


KYOTO, Japan, Apr. 5, 2024 /Kyodo JBN/ --

OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd.

- Revolutionizing Patient Care through Proven Digital Healthcare Solutions and Integrated Care Network Model -


OMRON Healthcare Co., Ltd. based in Muko, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan, announced on April 5 the acquisition of Luscii Healthtech, a fast-growing scale-up in the field of digital health and remote consultation service platforms. Since OMRON's seed investment in 2018, the two companies have collaborated closely, sharing knowledge and experience in the development of digital health. As a digital-native company and pioneer in smart remote care and virtual wards, Luscii cultivates a unique culture for innovation and agile philosophy allowing them successfully to address the complex and rapidly changing demands of healthcare systems.




Luscii provides a fully customizable platform and app for care at home, catering to over 150 diseases, including those affecting chronic hypertensive, cardiovascular, and respiratory patients. As the market leader in the Netherlands, where Luscii collaborates with approximately 70% of the country's hospitals, the platform also extends its presence to other markets, including the UK, Germany and various other countries in Europe and Africa. Luscii's integrated care network approach seamlessly connects various healthcare stakeholders, including general practitioners (GPs), hospitals, and community care and virtual ward call centers.


Through this interconnected system, Luscii achieves remarkable outcomes, including an 81% reduction in unplanned admissions for heart failure patients (*1), a 79% reduction in ultrasound examinations and admissions for gestational hypertension patients (*2), and a 51% reduction of costs in patients with COPD (*3). By leveraging data and fostering collaboration, healthcare providers are empowered to monitor and guide patients remotely, saving them time while ensuring better engagement and improved health outcomes.



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OMRON's insight into the primary care remote patient-monitoring market in the UK and Europe will enable Luscii to develop comprehensive services to support healthcare professionals in an integrated way, ranging from general practitioners to hospitals, within a single platform. These solutions are designed to address a spectrum of diseases, aligning with OMRON's overarching "Going for Zero" vision, to eliminate heart attacks and strokes. This acquisition aims to elevate the standard of remote patient monitoring (RPM) services, contributing to a future where the impact of various diseases is minimized.


"OMRON Healthcare is committed to developing life-saving cardiovascular health technologies in pursuit of our Going for Zero vision. As part of our long-term vision, we commit to expanding the business to digital health services, this acquisition is another significant contribution to that objective, and we will continue to advance digital healthcare and work together to save lives," says Andre van Gils, Senior General Manager, Global Sales & Marketing HQ of OMRON Healthcare.


"Luscii's Vision, 'creating space for care,' aligns seamlessly with OMRON's objectives. It's been our dream for every patient to get the attention they deserve," says Prof. Daan Dohmen, CEO and founder of Luscii. "Benefiting from OMRON's global network, we can expand faster and realize our ambition even faster. Both my co-founders and all other team members are really looking forward to this next step in our mission!"


About Luscii Healthtech

Luscii is the European market leader in remote patient monitoring and telehealth solutions, offering a comprehensive platform that empowers patients and healthcare providers to manage health conditions remotely. Luscii's mission is to make space for care by helping care professionals to make time for their patient's care by seeing the right patient at the right moment. With the easy-to-use Luscii app, they monitor and guide patients safely from a distance. In addition, they prevent unnecessary check-ups and admissions, and free up beds faster. Luscii's Clinical Engine is a CE marked Class IIa Medical Device. The company started in Amsterdam (NL) and is currently launched in a growing number of countries in Europe and Africa for over 150 conditions.


Luscii, located in the Netherlands, operates without a traditional office as part of its unique, award-winning holacracy culture for innovation. For more information, visit


About OMRON Healthcare

Committed to advance health and empower people worldwide to live life to the fullest, OMRON Healthcare is a global leader in the field of clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for home health monitoring and treatment.


Aiming to realize its vision "Going for Zero, Preventive Care for the Health of Society," the company develops products and services for cardiovascular condition management, remote patient monitoring, respiratory care, and pain therapy devices. These help healthcare professionals and patients to reduce cerebro-cardiovascular events, aggravation of respiratory diseases and restrictions due to chronic pain.


With well over 350 million units sold globally (*), OMRON provides the world's most recommended blood pressure monitors by healthcare professionals (**). Throughout its history, OMRON Healthcare has been striving to improve lives and contribute to a better society by developing innovations that help people prevent, treat, and manage their medical conditions and provides products and services in over 130 countries (***).

The OMRON Healthcare Group is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.






(*) Cumulative sales of home-use digital blood pressure monitors worldwide (as of May 2023)


(**) Frost & Sullivan Survey, Blood pressure clinician perception tracker surveys (November 25, 2019, and U.S. News Staff 2020, U.S. News & World Report, accessed June 9, 2020)

(**) Kantar Health survey with cardiologists (2019)


(***) Number of the countries where OMRON products and/or services are available (as of March 2023)




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