D2 Communications to Be Renamed to D2C Inc. on June 1


2012/5/30 11:30

May 30, 2012

D2 Communications Inc.

D2 Communications to Be Renamed to D2C Inc. on June 1

- Developing Group Operations Both in Japan and Abroad, Expanding Business Areas Centering on Wireless Services -

D2 Communications Inc. announced on May 30 that it will rename itself to D2C Inc. effective June 1, 2012, in the wake of the expansion of its business. It will also introduce a new corporate logo.

D2 Communications was founded on June 1, 2000, as the world's first company specializing in mobile advertising and marketing, and has been the engine of growth of the market to date. Amid fast changes in the market, such as the rapid diffusion of smart phones and tablet terminals as well as the expansion of overseas markets, the company has decided to rename itself to D2C Inc. in a bid to expand beyond the walls of devices, as represented by the term "specializing in mobiles," and beyond the concept of "communication = advertising." It aims to expand its operations in broader territories, focused on wireless services. The "C" in the new company name, "D2C," stands for "Creative," "Clients/Customers," "Consumers," "Cloud," etc., in addition to "Communication" as the company looks toward its future development.

From now on, D2C will promote group management. The parent company's corporate slogan "No Wireless, No Marketing" will remain the same, and its core business will be advertising and marketing, including smart phones and tablets. At the same time, it will expand into numerous areas centering on the wireless sector through group companies in Japan and abroad. Last year, the company established a subsidiary in China, "Di Er Xi (Shanghai) Advertising, Ltd. ," and a Taiwan branch, and has been investing in a number of businesses in Japan and abroad. We will continue to develop D2C as a corporate group through investments in venture businesses with outstanding technological capabilities and through accelerated expansion overseas.

With the adoption of a strategy to grow as a corporate group, the slogan for the D2C Group will be "Design your wireless life." We will also formulate corporate philosophy. D2C will develop its business activities to enrich the lives of people by designing various life scenes which "wireless" will bring to reality.

About D2 Communications Inc.

D2 Communications Inc., the first company in the world to specialize in mobile advertisement and marketing, was founded on June 1, 2000, as a joint venture of NTT DOCOMO Inc., Dentsu Inc. and NTT Advertising Inc. D2C's slogan will be "No Wireless, No Marketing" and the wireless sector will be the axis of its businesses. D2C will develop its operations in three areas: (1) "Advertising and marketing business," which offers services for advertising on DOCOMO media and other general media as well as services for making proposals on integrated digital marketing and executing them, all on a "one-stop" basis; (2) "consumer business," which develops and offers apps and content for consumers; and (3) "overseas business," which engages in advertising and marketing operations in other countries, centering on Asia. D2C is headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo. Its CEO is Takayuki Hoshuyama.


Outline of renaming of D2 Communications Inc. & introduction of new corporate identity

-- Old name:   D2 Communications Inc.

-- New name:  D2C Inc.

*Meaning of new name

  "D2":  Standing for "DIGITAL & DIRECT" (same as in the old name)

  "C": In addition to Communication, it also stands for Creative, Clients/Customers, Consumers, Cloud, etc.  It now stands for many words, in consideration of the firm's development from now on.

-- Group slogan:  "Design your wireless life"

*Meaning of slogan

The firm will design numerous scenes which wireless services will bring to reality.

-- Corporate group philosophy: By designing forms in which people can feel joy and be happy, and designing messages corporations wish to convey in an easy-to-understand manner, we promise the evolution of industries and the evolution of and opportunities for workers.

-- New corporate logo: D2C

*Meaning of new logo

The meaning of D2C, the new logo, is the "moment." Always changing, evolving, polishing and deepening itself, and pioneering the times. The moment after it is captured visually, it has already evolved into another form. The substance of D2C is always in the future.

-- Date of name change: June 1, 2012 (Friday)



New corporate logo: D2C

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